Wonder Woman 1984 Reviews Are In, Find Out If It’s Good

By Doug Norrie | 7 months ago

Wonder Woman 1984 reviews

Wonder Woman 1984 won’t hit until Christmas Day, but some critics and fans have already had a chance to see the film and give it a review. Following the massive hit that was Wonder Woman, anticipation for the sequel is at pretty high levels. And by the early accounts, the movie completely delivers. Take a look at just some of the early Wonder Woman 1984 reviews

“Wonder Woman 1984 is fantastic. Get hyped, because it’s the real deal.” – Eric Eisenberg, CINEMABLEND Reviewer

“Wonder Woman 1984 is the film the world needs right now…” – Luke Bugg, TheGeekOfSteel.com Reviewer

“It was a lot of fun and has a very heartwarming and hopeful message that, frankly, we really need this year.” – Jim Vejvoda, IGN Reviewer 

“When a movie like this makes you have so many feelings and emotions you know it’s a HIT” – DC World

Wonder Woman 1984 made me cry several times – sometimes in the most unexpected of places.” – Kayti Burt, Den Of Geek Reviewer 

Wonder Woman 1984 reviews
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

This overwhelming praise was nearly universal across those who saw the movie early. It’s such a welcome sign for the movie which looks like it follows strongly from the first’s lead. Technically, the Wonder Woman 1984 review embargo doesn’t lift until December 15th, but if these early reviews are any indication, the sequel is going to blow it out of the box with critics. It could even rival Wonder Woman’s 93% on the Tomatometer. And that the range of praise appears to have touched fans on an emotional level even beyond that of strict fandom means we likely have just a great movie on our hands. 

It won’t just be critics there to review Wonder Woman 1984 and early ticket buyers who will get to see the movie when it first hits screens. That’s because the movie will be coming to streaming platform HBOMax on the same day it releases in theaters. It was an unprecedented announcement and a move that began the seismic shift in how studios and brick and mortar theaters operate.

Gal Gadot was clearly excited about the move, signaling her pride in the movie from a recent interview. When we look back on the history of movies and theaters, Wonder Woman 1984 will likely be the touchpoint of the conversation, the tipping point when theaters finally went the way of the dinosaur. These first Wonder Woman 1984 reviews are the harbinger of that change.

golden armor

2017’s Wonder Woman wasn’t just a hit with reviewers. It crushed it on the financial side as well. The movie ended up with over $800 billion at the box office and breathed new life into the DC Universe that was beginning to languish. Wonder Woman 1984 won’t see the same dollar signs of course, but that’s because the movie world looks completely different now because of pandemic-related theater closings. But it will likely convert many to HBOMax who is planning to ditch its free trial a week before release. 

Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters and HBOMax on December 25, 2020. It is lining up to be a great Christmas Day present for fans of the character and maybe just fans of movies in general. Early and overwhelmingly positive Wonder Woman 1984 reviews are such a welcome sign for fans of the franchise.