William Shatner Set To Host A Wild Celebrity Competition

William Shatner to host Stars on Mars, a celebrity game show.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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Star Trek OG William Shatner may have not loved his own trip to space, but that won’t stop him from hosting a space-based reality show titled Stars on Mars. As Variety reports, Fox has picked up the simulation series that will see contestants form alliances and work together to form a colony on Mars. The catch? The competitors will all be picked from the bright all-star sky of Hollywood, with Shatner serving in a hosting position. 

Taking the competition off this planet, Stars on Mars will see the celebs going head-to-head in a wide array of challenges that will be sent to them via William Shatner back at mission control. Narrowing it down through the sets of heats, by the end of the show, a victor will be crowned as the top “celebronaut.” Arriving just in time for the summer TV lull, the reality show hits Fox on Monday, June 5, at 8 p.m.

From the initial press release, it sounds like the William Shatner-hosted program will take the best parts from other reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother, tossing famous names in a house to live and work alongside one another throughout the competition. Their stay in the “space station” won’t be an easy one for the celebs as the simulator will push them to the edge with the same challenges they would face on the red planet. At the end of each week, one crewmate will board a shuttle headed for Earth following an elimination.

In a game of perseverance, social skills, and strength, each celeb will bring something different to the table, with many striking up alliances and forming tight bonds and ferocious enemies. The games will show a new side to some familiar faces from the entertainment industry as they’ll be competing for the bragging rights of who would survive life on Mars. While we know that William Shatner will be standing at the helm as the host, it’s yet to be revealed exactly which celebrities we can expect to see duking it out in this space simulator.

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This won’t be William Shatner’s first foray into reality TV as The Intruder actor previously teamed up with NBC and a lineup of other big names to bring audiences a travel show titled Better Late Than Never. Running for two seasons, the series followed the adventures of Shatner, George Foreman, Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, and Jeff Dye as the group set course for destinations around the globe to eat, drink, and take in the culture of places on their bucket lists. From Berlin to Barcelona and Morocco, the group saw it all, bringing audiences along every step of the way.

Best known for his role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek: The Original Series, spotting William Shatner working the mission control position in Fox’s Stars on Mars will be a real treat for followers ready to see him back in a spacey role. Of course, we would love to see Shatner and his Star Trek ex-co-star-turned-nemesis George Takei battling it out for ultimate space survival bragging rights, but maybe that’s the plan for the show’s second season.