Will Smith’s Unsung Apocalyptic Tale Is Crushing It On Streaming

Will Smith's I Am Legend is currently #7 in most streamed movies on HBO Max right now.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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Back before Will Smith smacked Chris Rock, putting an asterisk next to all that he has accomplished, he was one of the most celebrated actors in the world. In fact, his apocalyptic tale is currently killing the streaming charts, as I Am Legend is the number seven most streamed movie on HBO Max. The movie showcased the world after a massive pandemic all but killed off humanity.

I Am Legend was a monster of a hit for Will Smith, as the movie made a staggering $585 million at the worldwide box office against a budget of $150 million. The reviews for the film are mostly decent across the board, as it holds an identical 68 percent critic and audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the box office draw showcased that people were definitely into the movie a bit more than what the reviews stated.

I Am Legend follows Robert Neville (Will Smith) as he is currently the “last” person living on Earth. Neville attempted to genetically re-engineer the measles virus to help cure cancer, but the result became fatal for humans, turning them into zombie-like monsters called Darkseekers. The world is mostly wiped out, while Neville continues his research on rats in his basement, hoping to finally find a cure.

Throughout the movie, we watch Robert Neville (Will Smith) go through his daily chores and adventures, which include talking to mannequins he has set up throughout the city. Flashbacks are offered that showcase what has happened to Robert’s family, along with Robert having to hide during the nighttime, as the Darkseekers wreak havoc when the sun goes down.

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Without ruining the rest of the movie or giving too much away, everyone can watch this science-fiction thriller on HBO Max right now. Will Smith does deliver quite a great performance, especially towards the end of the movie when the emotional aspects of the story start to be revealed far more. However, the ending of the movie was one of the biggest aspects that were highly criticized.

I Am Legend is based on a novel of the same name, which was written by Richard Matheson. We all know that novel source material is often changed in movies to push more dramatic happenings forward. However, the alternate ending was a bit better in offering hope for Will Smith’s character.

The alternate ending will not be revealed here so that everyone can enjoy this Will Smith classic. Also, you can all likely find the alternate ending on YouTube, so you can see why critics loved that ending far more. Still, I Am Legend is one of Smith’s better performances.

Another point of contention with critics and audiences was the poor CGI used to portray the Darkseekers, which we would have to agree with. They almost look animated, which ruins the darker and horror aesthetics of the movie. But again, Will Smith’s performance helped us to look past that.

I Am Legend is streaming right now on HBO Max. This movie deserves at least one watch, and for those more interested, definitely seek out the alternate ending. Will Smith is fantastic in the movie, and the poor CGI should be overlooked so that the story and acting are as enjoyable as possible.