Will Smith And Andrew Garfield Teaming Up For Upcoming Performance?

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

andrew garfield will smith

Andrew Garfield and Will Smith each know a bit about collaboration. While it’s the nature of the Hollywood business in general, there are those who do seem to excel when it comes to working with bigger names in the industry. Heck, Garfield is coming off one of the biggest team-ups of all time in one of his latest movies. Well, now the two might be in line to pair up for an upcoming performance when it comes Oscar time. Andrew Garfield seems to have a plan for something the two could collaborate on and, by all indications, Will Smith is on board for the idea. 

While speaking with Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast, Andrew Garfield revealed that one of his go-to karaoke songs is “Welcome to Miami” by Will Smith. And during the talk, Garfield let on that he wouldn’t mind doing a duet with Smith for the Academy Awards festivities, something to really drive up the energy during the production. The idea was to kick off the Oscars this way and we already know the Tick, Tick…BOOM! star has the chops. Check out how Will Smith responded

While caught a bit off guard by the question, there’s no doubt Will Smith can see the merit in the Andrew Garfield suggestion. He even says as much, calling Garfield the real musician of the bunch. While that’s understating Smith’s own talents, of course, there is little doubt something like this could work. Would the event hosts be up for the performance? That remains to be seen considering the actual song itself doesn’t have all that much to do with the proceedings. But we at least know that both of them will be there. 

That’s because both Andrew Garfield and Will Smith are up for the Best Actor in a Leading Role award this season when the Oscars roll around. Andrew Garfield was nominated for his turn as Jonathan Larson in the aforementioned Tick, Tick…BOOM! which details the Rent creator’s struggles early in his career to write and perform his first musical. And then there is Smith who was nominated for his role as Richard Williams in King Richard, the story of how Serena and Venus Williams’ father influenced their careers as tennis champions. Unlike Tick, Tick…BOOM!, King Richard is also up for the Best Picture award. 

For his part, Andrew Garfield is also coming off a major collaboration of his own, having reprised his Peter Parker role in Spider-Man: No Way Home. While we could certainly argue about why this movie wasn’t included in the Best Picture conversation (it should have been), there is no doubt it has a hit of the highest order becoming one of the biggest box office successes of all time while being nearly universally praised by critics. 

Again, it’s always a welcome sign when some of the most talented performers out there are open to collaboration. Frankly, it’s what makes the industry work. But it’s unlikely that this particular suggestion ends up coming to fruition. It’s the nature of the business also to through ideas out there and see if they stick. Some, for sure, do. But others are just folks dreaming about the possibility. This definitely seems like the latter.