See Will Ferrell Suit Up With An NBA Team As One Of His Classic Characters

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 2 months ago

will ferrell

If fans thought the character Jackie Moon was far away in the past, then they definitely were in for a surprise. Will Ferrell dressed up as one of his classic characters and joined a professional NBA team. On Twitter, SportsCenter uploaded a video of the Golden State Warriors making their way onto the basketball court, and Will Ferrell, dressed as Jackie Moon, was nonchalantly running along with them as if it was completely normal. Ferrell played the role of Jackie Moon in the 2008 film Semi-Pro, which follows a comedic tale of Moon owning his own basketball team. 

So, it seemed perfectly reasonable that Will Ferrell was joining the NBA team, since technically, he did own a basketball team, even if it was fictional. SportsCenter uploaded the short video for fans around the world to see. The video shows players from the Golden State Warriors jogging onto the court, followed by Ferrell donning his character’s iconic outfit. And it appeared that it was very good luck that Jackie Moon helped prep the Warriors, because the team ended up winning 112-97 against the LA Clippers. See the actor reprising his role in the tweet below: 

One of the players for the Golden State Warriors is actually a huge fan of the film Semi-Pro and loved Will Ferrell’s comedic character. According to ESPN, it seems that having Jackie Moon on the court was a big deal for player Klay Thompson. “That was so cool, dreams do come true.” But how exactly did Ferrell have the opportunity to join the NBA team? The coach for the Warriors, Steve Kerr, explained how Ferrell personally emailed him, stating he was a huge fan of Klay Thompson, according to ESPN. “You know he is a huge Klay Thompson fan, and he knows how much Klay loves dressing up as Jackie Moon, so it felt like a natural fit and it felt like the time to do it, too,” Kerr said. And then, just like that, Jackie Moon was back in the picture. 

According to USA Today, Ferrell warmed up with the Warriors, and even tossed a few shots on his own. The actor pretended that he was even trying out for the team and said, “So this is the very first tryout with the team, let’s see what happens,” according to the publication. It seems both the team and Ferrell had a blast. Semi-Pro was a comedic film starring Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, Andre 3000, Maura Tierney, and Will Arnett. The premise of the film follows Ferrell’s character, Jackie Moon, who is a singer who became famous with only one hit song. Moon decides to use the money from the song to own a basketball team, which was always a dream of his. The team Moon owns is called the Flint Michigan Tropics, and is a terrible basketball team. Jackie Moon tries to help the team be better players so they can all follow their NBA dreams. 

It is always fun to dress up, especially characters that you are a big fan of. It is pretty clear that Will Ferrell loves playing the character of Jackie Moon, and when the chance arises, will have no problem reprising the role. And it seems that Ferrell brought good luck to the Warriors, motivating the team to win the game that night. With this streak of luck, we might see a little more of Jackie Moon in the future.