Twisted Metal Becoming A TV Series With Will Arnett

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

will arnett

Will Arnett is one of the better talents we have around these days, able to deliver laughs on-screen no matter the project. And his voice work is almost second to none, bringing a signature sound to the screen for a number of different high-profile animated characters. Now he’s lining up his next project which could really deliver a lot of laughs with Arnett taking over the voice. He’s been tapped to come on to the television series adaptation of the popular PlayStation video game Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal has been around since 1995 with the original releasing on PlayStation. Over the years its had all kinds of iterations and different stories. The game is essentially a demolition derby set in a  post-apocalyptic world. Users control a car that has to essentially fight off other vehicles in the landscape as part of a larger tournament. There’s a comedic element to the game for sure with a number of specifically-themed vehicles and a grand overseer of the action who has a dark and twisted version of “comedy”. In this sense, Will Arnett kind of fits in perfectly here even if he’s not necessarily known for taking action films. 

It appears Will Arnett has already been tapped for a specific role. He’ll voice the character of Sweet Tooth, the demonic-looking clown who drives a suped-up ice cream truck that looks like a summer treat delivery vehicle from hell. The name Sweet Tooth is actually the name of the car with a flaming-headed clown, Needles Kane the actual driver. But over the course of the game, the latter name has become synonymous with the driver and it looks like that’s the credit Arnett will take. 

will arnett sweet tooth

And if you think voice actors are a dime a dozen, think again. Just consider some other roles Will Arnett has taken in the past which really helped carry the production. He voiced Batman in all of the Lego movies to great acclaim. Plus he’s been in the lead of Netflix’s award-winning animated show BoJack Horseman as the titular character. And he handled Slade in Teen Titans GO! The Movie. 

As for other Twisted Metal casting or news, that’s pretty thin right now. The show has been in development by Sony for years now with seemingly only minimal progress made to actually bring it on to the screen. While the history of video games being brought on to the big or small screen is spotty at best, adding a top-notch talent like Will Arnett is definitely a positive sign. He’s shown that he’s not willing to just take any voice role that comes along. There has to the backbone of a good story as well. 

Next up for Will Arnett is Rumble in which he’ll voice the lead character, Steve. The film focuses on a world in which monsters are wrestling stars. Originally, the film was set to release this summer but has been pushed back to February of 2022 because of pandemic-related theater closings. But it looks like it’s going to be another good one for the actor.