Will Arnett Cast As The Best Character In The Twisted Metal Series

Will Arnett has been cast in the new Twisted Metal series and he's going to be taking on an iconic character in the franchise.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

will arnett

The upcoming Twisted Metal series is starting to pick up some steam and there are some major names already involved with the project. It looks like they’ve added another one with confirmation that the show now has cast the voice for its best character, one fans have been dying to see for quite some time now. Deadline has it that Will Arnett will take on the voice of Sweet Tooth in the show, a welcome development for one of the most recognizable characters in this franchise, and really just the video game world writ large. There’s a chance for Arnett to really put his stamp on this crazy killer.

Will Arnett had already been attached to the Twisted Metal series as an executive producer and there was the belief that he would step into one of the roles on the series before it was all said and done. This is confirmation that he’ll be taking on the part of the killer in this one. Now, it’s worth noting that in the Twisted Metal game series, Sweet Tooth is the name of the demonic-looking ice cream truck driven by Needles Kane, the clown-faced, flaming head killer. The iconic head is featured on the truck as well. With the announcement that Will Arnett is taking on the voice of the character, it looks like they are combining the two under the Sweet Tooth name for simplicity’s sake.

There had been speculation that Will Arnett, an accomplished voice actor in addition to his live-action work, would be taking on this character in some fashion, with this announcement making it official. And considering the proposed tone of the Twisted Metal series, it makes sense to bring on a comedic voice in the role. The show is being described as an action-comedy with a more violent twist, keeping it in line with the style of the original game. The Sweet Tooth character will be stationed in what remains of Las Vegas and it looks like he terrorizes the region.

Will Arnett joins Anthony Mackie in the series with the latter playing the lead in the video game adaptation. Mackie will be playing the character of John Doe, a character that came along in Twisted Metal: Black. In the series, Mackie’s Doe will be making his way across the dystopian landscape on some sort of mission. This character, in the video game, suffers from amnesia and doesn’t know who he is or why he’s there. This will likely help onboard the viewer into the Twisted Metal framework seeing as how he’ll be “learning” about this world at the same time.

Will Arnett and the rest of Twisted Metal will air on Peacock and is based on the demolition-derby style video game that first came out all the way back in 1996. While the game is heavy on the vehicles, each driver comes with his or her own backstory and reason they’ve entered the titular contest. It looks like the series will use the style more than the competition, giving each character the screen time with the vehicles as part of the overall gestalt. Will Arnett, Anthony Mackie, and company will likely hit the streamer sometime in 2023.