Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Praised For Calling Out Pat Sajak

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak was called out for miscategorizing a puzzle and telling a contestant that his guess was "so unclose."

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

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In the game show Wheel of Fortune, it’s normal for contestants to guess wrong and say some pretty absurd things. Over the past 42 years since Pat Sajak has hosted the show, players have made guesses ranging from ridiculous to just plain awkward. However, recent player Ben Tucker is receiving praise from the internet after he incorrectly solved the puzzle and called out Pat Sajak for placing the answer in the wrong category. 

In Wheel of Fortune’s January 26 episode, Tucker attempted to solve a four-word puzzle during the bonus round. In the video clip above (which Wheel of Fortune posted to their official Instagram account), Tucker struggles to solve the puzzle, which was from the Fun & Games category. He stutters a few guesses before confidently stating his answer, “Taunt a chuck guy? Chance guy… No, there’s no C. Wacky guy. Taunt a wacky guy.”

Unfortunately for Tucker, his answer was way off, something the Wheel of Fortune host made sure to point out, saying that the contestant’s answer was “so unclose.” The actual answer was “Taking a quick jog.”

In his defense, Tucker retorted back at Sajak. He told the host of the game show that the category was Fun & Games, and he didn’t believe that phrase fit the category since jogging is, well, not considered fun to most people.

Since the episode airing, the internet has been going nuts for Tucker’s response. Even Wheel of Fortune captioned the moment on their Instagram, saying that the contestant had a point. Many of the comments under the post have come to Tucker’s aid, praising the California resident for speaking out about the show’s common habit of placing phrases in the wrong category. 

The Instagram post sharing the Wheel of Fortune moment has caused some slight controversy among fans of the show. While most of the comments seem to support Tucker, with many of them agreeing that the puzzle was placed in the wrong category, some have commented wondering that if jogging isn’t considered fun and games, then how would taunting people (Tucker’s guess) be considered right for that category? Others have argued that jogging is fun for some people, so the category was correct. 

Whether Wheel of Fortune placed the puzzle in the right category or not, this is not the first time the show has seen controversy and outcries from its fans. The show’s host has received backlash after rumors spread of him training his daughter to take over hosting duties or possibly even replace the show’s co-host, Vanna White. Fans were also outraged after a photo of Sajak surfaced on social media where the game show host posed with far-right politician Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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Whether you love him or love to hate him, Pat Sajak will likely not be hosting the show for much longer, as the Wheel of Fortune host recently announced that he is coming up on retirement. Despite losing the bonus round in Wheel of Fortune, Tucker still went home with $18,000 in winnings. For fans who loved the moment when Tucker called out Sajak and love to watch more awkward moments in the show, Wheel of Fortune airs every weeknight on ABC.