Marvel What If…? Writer Has An Exciting Update On Season 2

By Doug Norrie | 1 min ago

what if

Fans of Marvel’s What If…? series are going to like the next update. The show, which explores the titular question within the pages and now on-screen stories, of the Marvel canon has become a fan-favorite for how it has reimagined storylines and character arcs. Now, according to Discussing Film (via ScreenRant), we are getting some cool news for how things will progress into the future for the series. The series’ head writer A.C. Bradley has let on that Season 2 scripts are already completed and the entire season has been basically mapped out. We are about to get more iterations off of time-tested stories, something sure to keep going well off into the future. 

According to Bradley. What If…? writers have been working to complete a second season despite the first season of the series just getting underway over on Disney+. He admitted that the animation of the episodes were some of the biggest challenges, making the overall production time-consuming. That means scripts have to be finished well in advance of the rest of the show’s work. Unlike some other animated projects with simpler styles that lead to more of a dovetailing in the process, these scripts need to be handed over to animation with a considerable runway. Here is Bradley’s full quote on the What If…? update:

…we’ve had an amazing team and writing is knee-deep. Almost done actually. Because these episodes are so difficult to animate, the writing has to happen quite a bit before the show airs.

The operative What If…? words here are “Almost done” and that is such a great sign for the longevity of the series. Because the show explores the titular “What ifs” around the Marvel Universe there would appear to be nearly limitless storylines to plot out and mine. If fan reaction is strong enough, we could see this series last for years simply because the mechanics around the stories allows for significant latitude around what can happen. Namely, almost anything in the Marvel canon is on the table. 

Based on the popular comic book series of the same name, What If…? explores alternate realities in which certain events that are well-known to Marvel readers (or now Watchers) are altered, changed, or completely overhauled. With the introduction of the Multiverse in the Disney+ series Loki we now have an on-screen explanation for why we are seeing different versions of characters. In the first episode of the series, which just aired this week, we are given the scenario in which Peggy Carter became the first Captain America instead of Steve Rogers. 

And other What If…? stories are sure to delight as well. There will be T’Challa (the last performance for the late-Chadwick Boseman) becoming Star Lord instead of Black Panther, a new origin story for Tony Stark’s Iron Man, Clint Barton becoming the Hulk instead of Bruce Banner, zombie character, a whole new Avenger lineup, and more. It looks like a romp through the Marvel Universe in a whole new way, with Season 2 likely offering much of the same. And now we know that might be coming sooner than later. The rest of the What If…? Series season one is set to release on Wednesdays on Disney+ over the next couple of months.