See The Actor Replacing Wesley Snipes In The White Men Can’t Jump Reboot

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

Wesley Snipes

It was announced that the classic 1990s film, White Men Can’t Jump, would be receiving the reboot treatment. After the odd casting of rapper Jack Harlow taking on the role that Woody Harrelson once inhabited, the role of the Wesley Snipes replacement has also been revealed for the upcoming rehashing. Sinqua Walls, who has carved out quite a career in films and television shows, is now going to take on the other protagonist role. Sinqua Walls will have some big shoes to fill, as well as Harlow when the pair team up to bring back the same charm level between Snipes and Harrelson.

sinqua walls

Hollywood films aren’t exactly what they used to be, and that is because studios seem to keep wanting to bring classic 1980s, 1990s, and more decades-old films back into relevancy. Sometimes the new formula reboot films work, i.e., Dredd was a fresh take on the classic Sylvester Stallone film. However, just because some reboots work, that doesn’t mean that all classic films should follow the same route. White Men Can’t Jump is just another in the line of studios’ attempts to recreate the magic from the original film. Jack Harlow and Sinqua Walls have their hands full. Especially Walls, considering he is going to be taking on that of Wesley Snipes. Snipes is iconic, and even more so, was iconic in the 1990s. While it might not be the goal of the film to copy what the original did, it has been reported that the script will be sticking closely to that of the original film. If that is the case, then Harlow and Walls will need to develop some great banter with one another.

wesley snipes white men cant jump

Sinqua Walls has developed himself into quite an actor. He has appeared in films like Shark NightBelieve Me, and Otherhood. He is most known for his television roles as he has held recurring roles in Friday Night LightsThe Secret Life of the American TeenagerOnce Upon a TimeTeen WolfPower, and American Soul. He is also set to appear in the horror film, Nanny, which has garnered a ton of success at the Sundance Film Festival. The man can certainly act, and now he is being tasked with taking on the smooth-talking role of Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes). Although the new characters might be named differently. Regardless of how the world feels, Woody Harrelson has also backed the reboot. According to the actor, “No, I mean, I’m glad they’re doing it and I hope it’s great! Hell, I hope it’s better than the original!” He was also asked if he would be up to reprising his role as Billy Hoyle, but once was apparently enough for the actor.

There is no timetable for when the White Men Can’t Jump will be gracing film screens but expect the film to get more underway now that the pseudo-Wesley Snipes character has been cast. Honestly, if both Snipes and Harrelson made an appearance in the film, it would help to serve some of our nostalgic needs. There is no telling how Jack Harlow and Sinqua Walls will pair, but it’s apparently enough for the filmmakers to give this reboot a green light. Here’s to hoping it’s a new winning formula.