Wednesday Teaser Reveals Shocking Violence In Netflix’s Addams Family Reboot

The new teaser trailer for Wednesday on Netflix has finally dropped, and this new adaptation is bringing a long a ton more violence than what was expected.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Everyone has been patiently waiting to see what the new Wednesday Netflix series would look like. Well, the wait is finally over, as the streaming platform has dropped the teaser trailer for the upcoming Addams Family reboot. While most of the live-action violence from the original films was mostly implied, this new series seems to showcase that violence in a shocking way. The trailer opens with Wednesday coming to the defense of her brother but using piranhas to make that point. The result is quite horrific. You can see the trailer below:

We could say that Tim Burton is not one to shy away from darker elements, but that doesn’t usually involve some brazen violence. The above teaser trailer shows Wednesday dropping a ton of piranhas into a pool where a water polo team is playing. One of the boys from the team is quite unlucky and gets a part of his anatomy bitten or completely removed, as the pool fills with blood. The narration also explains that this bully should not be allowed to procreate. That is not what we were expecting from this series. It does explain a bit more about how Wednesday ends up at Nevermore Academy, the school that is said to be led by Christina Ricci’s character. This new Wednesday Netflix series might not be what people are expecting.

One of the best elements of the series so far is Jenny Ortega fits in well with the droll personality that Wednesday had in the original films. Ortega and Ricci might have worked together on the delivery because they are eerily similar. Also, we get the best shots of Luis Guzman and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Gomez and Morticia. The facial expressions from Guzman could have been one of the biggest reasons that landed him the part, as they are quite fantastic. There is a ton more blood and mentions of murder in the latter half of the trailer. Wednesday on Netflix seems to be a bit more adult this time around, and we are here for it.

Wednesday on Netflix stars Jenny Ortega, Luiz Guzman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwendoline Christie, Christina Ricci, and many more. The series is being directed by Tim Burton. This will be the first live-action adaptation of the Addams Family since the Addams Family Reunion was released in 1998 as a TV movie. The film was a standalone feature and had nothing to do with The Addams Family and Addams Family Values which were both released in the early 1990s and shared the same cast.

Wednesday will premiere on Netflix in the fall of this year. That could mean we are going to see this new Tim Burton-led adaptation in October, which would be perfect. We were expecting a series more akin to the original movies, but this new series seems to be far more violent than what was expected. Tim Burton is a visionary, so he likely put his own spin on the family that we grew up watching. We can’t wait to see it.