Wednesday Is Defeated As Netflix’s #1 Show

Wednesday has been dethroned as the #1 series on Netflix by Emily in Paris.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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Wednesday has spent the better part of a month as the #1 show on Netflix, but now that long-standing reign has come to an end. The macabre Addams Family spinoff series has now been dethroned by Emily in Paris Season 3. The series that stars Lily Collins in the titular role is now in the coveted #1 spot for the streaming platform.

Oddly enough, Emily in Paris has had some not-so-great review scores, and definitely nothing that catapults the series over the success of Wednesday on Netflix so far. The initial season of Emily in Paris was released in 2020 and currently holds a 61% critic approval rating, with a poorer 53% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The second season was released in 2021 and holds a similar 61% critic rating and 40% audience approval rating, and the third season currently has a near-identical 60% critic approval rating and a 46% audience approval rating.

Emily in Paris follows a young marketing executive named Emily, who is given the job of a lifetime, as she has been whisked to Paris to give the American perspective to a marking firm. Though Lily Collins is a wonderful actress, the series has not been as revered as Wednesday has on Netflix. Still, it could be that people just love Collins enough to flock to see what this third season is going to deliver.

We would say that paying attention to reviewers only is not the best course of action for any movie or series, so it could be that there are a ton more fans of Emily in Paris than the scores on Rotten Tomatoes are alluding to. Clearly, the newest season of the series is doing something right to take the top spot away from Wednesday, which has spent more than a month as the top show on Netflix. To be fair, most shows tend to have drop-offs in numbers as the weeks go on, despite how popular they are.

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Wednesday was released on Netflix on November 23, which is more than a month of being on the streaming platform. Though the show skyrocketed into the third most-watched series on the streaming platform, it was not going to be able to keep that pace. Emily in Paris is something new, especially for those who have seen the previous seasons.

Wednesday is still in the top five shows on Netflix, which is still quite impressive. Emily in Paris might have the top spot for now, but we doubt the show is going to put up numbers even close to Wednesday. Still, it is quite a feat to defeat everyone’s favorite show.

Wednesday and Emily in Paris are both on Netflix right now, so fans can check out both to determine which of the shows is their favorite. Despite Wednesday finally being dethroned, it held an impressive record that nearly saw it best Stranger Things, which would have been wildly impressive, too.