See Warwick Davis Make A Dramatic Entrance In The Willow Reboot

Warwick Davis will return as Willow in a Disney+ reboot and make a dramatic entrance.

By Phillip Moyer | Published

A whole 34 years after Willow was released into theaters, fans are finally getting glimpses of the film’s much-beloved characters in Disney’s upcoming sequel series. A newly-released trailer shows lead actor Warwick Davis playing Willow once again, giving viewers a far greater taste of his charismatic performance than May’s teaser trailer or October’s Special Look showed audiences.

The new trailer comes about two months after Disney+ rereleased the original on its streaming platform in 4K Ultra HD – the highest-quality version of the film that fans can see since it was released in theaters. The original film, which also starred Warwick Davis as Willow, was written by Star Wars creator George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard. It wasn’t a runaway success, but it brought in a healthy profit and remained a cult favorite in the 34 years since its release. 

The new trailer shows a short scene featuring both Davis and Ruby Cruz, who plays Kit Tanthalos. Kit is the daughter of one of the original film’s main characters, Sorsha (Joanne Whalley), who joined forces with Willow to save a prophesied child from an evil sorceress

The new trailer appears to reveal a key plot point of the upcoming series: Kit’s brother Airk was taken prisoner and transported to Immemorial City across the Shattered Sea – a body of water that, if the trailer is to be believed, is almost impossible to cross.

While the trailer is almost entirely exposition, Warwick Davis’s charisma playing Willow shines through, with the veteran actor’s charisma stealing the scene. 

Warwick Davis’ performance as Willow is the actor’s most-popular starring role. The star rose to prominence after playing the Ewok Wicket in Return of the Jedi, a role he has returned to in later TV shows and films, including 2019’s Rise of Skywalker. Even when not playing Wicket, Davis made regular appearances on Star Wars sets, playing over a dozen different characters in the series. 

Warwick has also played three characters in the Harry Potter film series and has appeared in more than 90 different films and TV series throughout his career. While details about the plot are scarce, it appears that Willow and Kit will also have to find Elora Danan, the prophesied child from the original film, whose identity has been hidden even from herself.

Leading up to the series release, Lucasfilm’s official website has been releasing a series of blog posts titled Willow’s World. So far, three blog posts have been released, each delving into the lore behind the series and the original movie. While the first post features an in-depth overview of the plot, the second and third posts explore the film’s landscape, locations, creatures, and spirits. As a whole, these blog posts help bring new fans up to speed on the original film before the series releases.

It’s been more than two years since the new series was officially announced, but fans won’t have to wait much longer. Willow will be released on Disney+ at the end of the month, on Wednesday, November 30.