WandaVision Star Is Ready For A Spinoff Series

By Faith McKay | 14 seconds ago

wandavision spinoff

Disney+ has given Marvel the opportunity to explore some of the ideas that need a little more room to breathe, by way of a series, or are a little too niche to justify a big-screen blockbuster production. Fans have noticed this, and so they have some demands they’d like to see met. One such demand has been for a WandaVision spinoff series. Fans would like to see a spinoff series, or perhaps a Disney+ movie, starring Kat Dennings and Randall Park as Darcy and Jimmy. Recently, Kat Dennings was asked about this during an interview, where she made a few interesting comments.

For one thing, she wouldn’t confirm whether her long-running Marvel Cinematic Universe appearances may include Thor: Love and Thunder, so that is still a big question mark. For another thing, she said that she’s always up for anything Marvel asks her to take part in. So, if a WandaVision spinoff story comes around, she’s in. The last of her interesting comments that pertain to the spinoff idea for Disney+ is that she told PopCulture that Marvel “took notice of all the comments”. She added that she would do the idea in a heartbeat and that the idea is “always up to the powers that be”.

wandavision spinoff darcy randall

Is a Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo spinoff likely to happen? It’s hard to say. Marvel took notice of the fan campaigns, according to Kat Dennings, which is certainly something. Audience desire has to be a point that comes up when Marvel is considering these ideas. However, it often seems that part of Marvel’s job is to decide what it is that fans will ultimately want to see that audiences perhaps don’t know they want. The idea for WandaVision, a show that explores both grief and American sitcom history, was fairly unique. No one knew to ask Marvel for that specific concept, but the idea was born and fans came to love it.

Fans have offered up Marvel the idea for a WandaVision spinoff. Now, they have Kat Dennings to help keep the idea alive with statements about how she is up for participation. With one star in, and a hungry audience waiting to see what they can do, Marvel just needs a show creator to step up and say they’d like to take the Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis concept and they have a next-level idea for bringing it to the screen. Hopefully, a writer out there will see Kat Dennings discussing it in interviews and bring it to their next lunch meeting with Marvel boss, Kevin Feige.

With WandaVision turning into such a hit for Disney+, many expected that a second season would naturally happen. Unfortunately, the show’s star, Elizabeth Olsen, has said that just isn’t coming. A spinoff series would seem like the natural way to make the most of that success. Right now, neither Randall Park or Kat Dennings are confirmed for any future entries in the MCU. Hopefully, that will change for the pair soon, whether in a WandaVision spinoff or appearances in another of the many series Disney+ has on the way.