Major WandaVision Cameos Revealed, Our Scoop Confirmed

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

Benedict Cumberbatch

WandaVision cameos continue to be the little carrots Marvel fans are looking for during the surprising show which is divergent in almost every way from what we’ve come to expect from the Marvel Universe. In that way, it was the perfect place to kick off Marvel’s Phase Four, signaling a new standard operating procedure that would separate future programming from what we saw during Phase Three.

But within the Marvel Universe, stories are still very much interconnected and characters will constantly overlap. After we had the scoop that a major character was going to appear in the show, it was confirmed that Doctor Strange will be making an appearance on WandaVision in episode nine. Check it out, but be warned that these are possibly huge SPOILERS for the last two episodes of the show:

With Wanda Maximoff becoming one of the focal points for Marvel’s Phase Four, maybe even landing in the villain role when it’s all said and done, it makes sense to have her begin interacting more with some of the bigger characters. That’s led to these WandaVision cameos coming at a faster pace with each subsequent episode. And it especially makes sense considering the Cinematic Universe is pushing frenetically towards Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

The upcoming WandaVision cameo appearance from Stephen Strange looks like a relatively minor one in terms of on-screen time but definitely sets up a possibly bigger confrontation. With the way Wanda is trending, and knowing the Scarlet Witch has at least a cameo in his upcoming movie, possibly setting them at odds now is the perfect story arc. 

evan peters quicksilver ace ventura wandavision cameos

Other WandaVision cameos haven’t had quite the same level of gravity that a Doctor Strange appearance would have, but they’ve also lent their own bits of excitement. Most recently, Evan Peters made a return to the Marvel world when his Pietro Maximoff/ Quicksilver appeared at Wanda’s door. It was the moment that ushered in the X-Men to the Marvel fold. And though the previous Avengers version of the character was removed, it signaled that the titular group would be folding into things in a major way. In this way, the show is not only a different take on Marvel productions but also clearly a springboard for the events of this phase. 

More minor WandaVision cameos include Kat Dennings returning as Darcy Lewis with a role in SWORD. This is obviously much smaller than guys like Doctor Strange or Quicksilver wrapping into the mix, but could begin tying in the Thor stories to what we are seeing. Lewis had worked under Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster who is set to come back in Thor: Love & Thunder. It’s clear that Marvel wants to use this new show to have characters begin overlapping before bigger movie productions hit the screen. 

kat dennings wandavision

What other WandaVision cameos are in store? Probably not many. The limited series is set to complete after Episode 9 meaning the Doctor Strange cameo should be the last major one. That makes sense with why they would save the “best” for last in this sense. However it ends, WandaVision has already set such a cool path for this new group of Marvel programs and movies and maybe set these two characters on a collision course moving forward. 

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