See Walton Goggins Give Major Update From Set Of Fallout

Check out Walton Goggins giving a huge update about the production of Fallout. This a major movie for the anticipated new series.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Over the next few years, we are going to be getting a plethora of highly-anticipated video game adaptations that will become either movies or television series. While the world of adapting video games has mostly been a disappointment, there is hope that some of these bigger and more expansive titles with actual awesome stories already built in will actually pass the muster. One of those is Fallout which just got some very cool news via Walton Goggins. It looks like filming on the series has officially gotten underway and we aren’t all that far away from seeing the Vaults, the Wasteland, and the post-apocalyptic setting the game has been known for through all of its iterations.

Walton Goggins posted the Fallout update on Instagram and it shows him taking a selfie on the set of the upcoming series. He’s sitting in front of a sign that says “Ghoul”, a reference to the character he’ll be playing in the series. In the Fallout games, Ghouls are those who’ve incurred devastating effects from the radiation that largely plagues the United States. It remains to be seen exactly how this character works into the story. But check out what Walton Goggins posted. It’s a cool update for the series even if the actor himself might not even know all of the twists and turns the show is going to take.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, and this Walton Goggins post doesn’t help, it looks like Fallout is going to follow the story from the original game which came out all the way back in 1997 and was available as a computer game. Eventually, it shifted over to Xbox once Microsoft moved into the console side of things. Fallout takes place in an alternate future in which nuclear war has devastated much of the world. This timeline is different in that nuclear power became much more prevalent following the events of World War II and numerous technological advancements were made alongside the common stylings of the time. It led to a retro-punk vibe for the games.

If the show follows the original game then we could see the primary story centering on a Vault dweller (the shelters made to protect from nuclear fallout) emerge in need of a part to keep the operation running. This is where we would likely meet Walton Goggins as a Ghoul. Others in the Fallout series include Ella Purnell, and Kyle MacLachlan with Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan taking on showrunner duties. The two previously worked on Westworld together.

Walton Goggins and company are set to bring the Fallout series to Amazon probably sometime next year. There hasn’t been a firm release date on that front though with filming getting underway now, that kind of timeline seems pretty realistic. And of course, this isn’t the only series based on a video game in development right now. We are also eventually getting Mass Effect, God of War, Final Fantasy, Twisted Metal, and Last of Us in the next couple of years. This could be the golden age of these titles coming to the small screen.