See Wallis Day As The New Batwoman

By Jason Collins | 3 months ago

Wallis Day as Batwoman

Despite Ruby Rose’s departure from CW’s TV show Batwoman, the showrunners decided to keep her character, Kate Kane, very much alive. And though Javaica Leslie’s performance as the superhero of the show was iconic in more than one way, it’s time for Kate Kane to return to the show, with Wallis Day playing the role.

The fans are excited to see Wallis Day resume the role of previously-presumed dead Kate Kane. Wallis herself expressed her excitement about joining the cast of Batwoman, and her antecedent Ruby Rose shared her enthusiasm. While we haven’t yet seen Day in costume, fanartist spdrmnkyxxiii has provided artwork depicting Wallis Day as Batwoman giving us a pretty good look.

Thanks to Wallis Day’s passing resemblance to Rose, the artwork in question undoubtedly looks like Kate Kane, who appeared in the latest episode of the second season with a face full of bandages. Held hostage and with an altered appearance, Kate is bound to return to the series. But how will that fare for Leslie’s incarnation of Batwoman, Ryan Wilder? We do have some information to share.

The first season of the show mainly tackled the internal struggles of Kate Kane (played by Ruby Rose at the time) becoming Batwoman and taking out Gotham’s famed criminal underground. However, at the season’s finale, Batwoman faced a significant betrayal and an apparent death in a plane crash. Her body remains undiscovered, but Ryan Wilder finds Kate’s functioning Batsuit.

Hit the “pause” button; it’s explanation time. The mysterious disappearance of Kate Kane in the series aligns with Rose’s departure from the show due to injury and personal reasons. While we are now seeing Wallis Day recast in the role, season two begins with a new character, Ryan Wilder. Played by Javaica Leslie, the new character assumes the mantle of Batwoman in season two of the show and the actress provides the audience with an iconic performance. The noteworthy thing about Leslie’s role is the fact that she’s the first actress of African-American descent ever to portray Batwoman. Hit “play.”

Javicia Leslie Batwoman

Batwoman season two builds its story around Kate Kane’s disappearance, a story that, amongst other things, cost the series some of its viewership. However, throughout airing, the show survived this soft reboot and left Ryan Wilder (and Javaica Leslie) with plenty of room to spread her wings, or cape, for that matter. The announced return and reappearance of Kate Kane triggered the increase in the show’s ratings and viewership.

In the closing scene of the show’s latest episode, “Survived Much Worse,” a shadowy silhouette appears with a face full of bandages, indicating the return of physically altered Kate Kane. This introduction provides an excellent in-universe explanation of why Kate looks different, setting the stage for Wallis Day to take over the part.


Lastly, the reappearance of Kate Kane won’t affect Leslie’s character negatively. In fact, it will only solidify Ryan Wilders’s position as one and true Batwoman of the series. The second half of the season will reveal where Kate has been and how Day’s character will move forward through the series.

We’re excited to see Wallis Days’ interpretation of Kate Kane. The audience loved her character Nyssa-Vex in season two of Krypton, and there’s no reason to believe she won’t be an excellent Batwoman.