Walking Dead Crew Member Rushed To Hospital After On-Set Accident

By Michileen Martin | 1 month ago

the walking dead

While the cast and crew of The Walking Dead thankfully don’t have actual zombies to worry about, there have still been some rough moments for them over the years. Now, there’s word that a crew member allegedly got into what sounds like a pretty serious accident on the production of the upcoming anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead. The incident reportedly happened Monday night after the production day was over.

Deadline says that sources report an unnamed female crew member was rushed to the hospital after falling from the top deck of a riverboat on the Tales of the Walking Dead set in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia. The outlet says the crew member fell from the top deck of the riverboat, struck a railing on a lower deck on the way down, fell into the connecting dock and finally the lake below. Luckily, Deadline says the production’s Marine Safety crew was present and able to retrieve the crew member from the water. The call to 911 was reportedly made at 8:30 pm, and the crew member was brought by ambulance to the hospital. According to the outlet’s sources, the crew member was in stable condition at last report. AMC has yet to comment on the situation.

The riverboat the Tales of the Walking Dead crew member reportedly fell from would likely be familiar to some Netflix watchers. Deadline identifies it as the same spot used for the riverboat casino in the acclaimed Jason Bateman/Laura Linney series Ozark.

Tales of the Walking Dead production was reportedly paused for Tuesday and resumed on Wednesday. It’s a safe bet there are producers across the growing franchise who have a lot more grey hairs today than they did some months ago. This new incident happens less than a month after Norman Reedus — who plays the fan-favorite Daryl Dixon — suffered some kind of accident on the set of The Walking Dead that, according to Reedus’ representative, caused a concussion. Reedus was able to return to work a week later, though he sadly had to miss a fan event in Atlanta.

norman reedus

In particular, a fall like the one reportedly suffered by the Tales of the Walking Dead crew member probably set off alarm bells all over AMC. As recalled by Variety, in 2017 The Walking Dead stuntman John Bernecker died after falling 21 feet from a balcony. A wrongful death lawsuit followed and, while AMC was cleared, Bernecker’s parents were awarded $8.6 million from AMC’s production company TWD 8 and Stalwart Films.

When it premieres, Tales of the Walking Dead won’t be quite like other shows in the franchise. Each episode of the anthology series will bring us a new tale from a different time and place set in the zombie-infested world Robert Kirkman created. Some impressive names have been announced for different chapters of the show, including Terry Crews (Idiocracy), Parker Posey (Dazed and Confused), Anthony Edwards (ER), and Olivia Munn (The Newsroom). At least one episode of the show will turn back the clock to see the return of a character who has since gone the way of Glenn (Steven Yeun) — Alpha (Samantha Morton), the leader of the grisly Whisperers.