Waffle House Trends After Video Shows A Cook Fist-fighting And Taking Out An Unruly Customer

By Annie Banks | 5 seconds ago

waffle house

When dining at a Waffle House, there’s no telling what will come from the trip to the diner restaurant chain. There’s easily the chance that a handful of breakfast seekers can be enjoying a cup of coffee on a quiet morning-turned-noon or a full-on brawl can break out in the middle of the dining area.

As for the latter, it isn’t a rarity to see a fight or two amid a casual trip to the local Waffle House. The chain has gained a notorious online reputation for videos capturing patrons and employees prepared to square up at any given moment. It’s no surprise that a Waffle House employee is able to hold their own against a guest that’s looking to pick a fight.

The Waffle House on Buford Highway in Atlanta, Georgia, was the spot to catch one of the most recent spars that sparked virality across Twitter. In a matter of moments, the eatery went from a breakfast joint to a public fight club. It’s hard to truly determine what sparked the throwing of hands between the guest and the chef, but instead of asking an unorderly patron to stop his disruptive behavior, he pulls him off of his stool and towards the door, landing blows while the guest struggles to retaliate.

The internet is no stranger to feeding off of drama such as the most recent throwdown at the Atlanta Waffle House location. The internet is also quick to poke fun at any situation that can result in some promising secondary content, such as memes. Twitter users were quick to jump on the opportunity to react to the video, which ironically, was captured around the iconic restaurant’s anniversary date when it opened its doors on September 5, 1955.

Twitter user @ClockOutWars deemed Waffle House employees to be “the flight attendants” of the breakfast world in the caption of their repost of the original video. Another Twitter user, @Gods__key made a similar Tweet about the fighting skills of Waffle House employees, noting that they’ve never lost a fight.

Another Twitter user joined in on the fun and chimed in with their own jokes about the Waffle House employees’ known ability to fend for themselves against patrons looking to cause trouble in the diner.

A former Waffle House employee spoke on her experience and about the status of the employee’s morale, and the background of their personal life. She noted that there are specific reasons why employees work at Waffle House and that patrons aren’t usually aware of their personal lives.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms that has been working on making sure that it remains entertaining while keeping the information on the website free of harmful misinformation. While there’s nothing biased about a round of fisticuffs at Waffle House that can perpetuate inaccuracies, there has been an effort to cut back on false information making its way through the platform. Twitter can now be held liable for content posted in India. The policy has yet to be enforced in the United States, meaning that the next Waffle House fight won’t be over Twitter lawsuits, but something else.