Violent Night 2 Is Expanding The World Of Santa Claus

Violent Night 2 could expand the Viking Santa Claus mythos to include new takes on Mrs. Claus, the elves, and the North Pole.

By Mark McKee | Published

Violent Night was the unexpected hit of the holiday season that created a great return on the $25 million investment when it pulled in three times that at the global box office. The David Harbour Christmas action movie changed the holiday movie genre, exchanging the love-torn protagonist from the big city to a small town for the in-your-face action of a heist. Of course, when you have a runaway hit like 2022’s action film, a hopeful sequel becomes the conversation of the moment, and according to The Wrap, fans have an expanded Santa Claus mythos to look forward to with Violent Night 2

In an interview, Director Tommy Wirkola let fans in on the fact that they were working on getting contracts together to get the second film off the ground. He also revealed that they wouldn’t need to rush the start of production, saying they had plenty of time to get the right script in place. Finally, he said they left much of the Santa Clause mythos on the floor, including the North Pole, elves, and his other half, Mrs. Claus. 

Violent Night 2 has a lot to build on, including the backstory of Kris Kringle, which in this universe is a Viking pillaging villages with the help of his trusty hammer. In the film, there was a brief flashback to him before his nights flying a sleigh from rooftop to rooftop covered in blood and surrounded by dead bodies. There is plenty of room to expand on his history, primarily his transformation from a brutal killing machine to the symbol of Christmas cheer. 

john leguizamo
David Harbour and John Leguizamo in Violent Night

Other than the big red gift-giver, they have different ways to expand the mythos of Christmas and the universe of Violent Night. They can bring other characters into the fold, like his wife, Mrs. Claus; is she also a former Viking, or is she someone that came along later? They could also use her as another protagonist in a film, giving her her own home to defend in Violent Night 2

The most straightforward example of a home to defend for Mrs. Claus would be her own at the North Pole. It is hard to have a Santa Clause character without thinking about his home in the far north, where he and his elves slave away at building toys for the kids who make it on his nice list. It truly seems like a magical place and one that is worthy of being defended by Santa and Mrs. Claus. 

Violent Night set off what action fans hope to be a new trend of action-packed thrill rides that will release every year around the holidays, giving them more options than the romantic comedy on Hallmark, the cheap B-horror, or the raunchy comedy that has become the norm. With all of the ways they can expand on David Harbour’s version of the character in Violent Night 2, the team has dozens of possible sequels for fans to hope for. Not to mention all of the potential spin-offs with other mythical creatures like the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny.