Viola Davis Is Seeing A Boycott For Her New Movie

Viola Davis stars in The Woman King, which is now part of a Twitter boycott.

By James Brizuela | Published

Viola Davis is starring in a new movie called The Woman King, but the new movie is already seeing a significant boycott on Twitter. The new hashtag #boycottwomanking has been popping up, though it has split many Twitter users about what the movie is attempting to accomplish. Many are stating that the film glorified slavery, but others have stated that it condemns it, and this boycott is only trying to silence a movie that is led by a black woman.

Doing a bit of research always goes a long way. The issue is that this new Viola Davis movie allegedly highlights a kingdom that was involved in the slave trade with Europeans. We are not sure if that is discussed in the movie in depth, but it is a quite horrific truth.

This is a tweet that highlights what many people in the Twitterverse believe. This hashtag could be attempting to silence the Viola Davis movie before it is even given a chance to succeed. We will certainly watch it before making any judgments that are based on a hashtag on the internet.

This Twitter user might have dropped knowledge on everyone who was on the fence about seeing Viola Davis in The Woman King. This might be one of the takes from a person who has actually seen the movie. Sometimes people get carried away with hashtags without actually seeing what has made them angry in the first place.

A little more colorful language is used in the above tweet to showcase that this person and many others want to support both John Boyega and Viola Davis. The Woman King might just be a movie that everyone needs to see before they head to the internet to trash it.

Another colorful take on a point that we just made. The new Viola Davis movie might just be surrounded by controversy, leaving many to jump on the #BoycottWomanKing train. We would say that everyone should see it before they begin to formulate an opinion on the matter.

There is a lot to unpack in the above tweet, but there are many people who see the Viola Davis movie as propaganda toward removing the horrors of what the Dohemey Kingdom did in history.

Doing research on historical events is always the right way to go. At least this person is stating that everyone should do research into the historical means of this new Viola Davis movie.

Glaring support for Viola Davis is certainly one way to go. Again, we have not seen the movie yet, so we can’t make full judgments about what it’s about. The Woman King could be highlighting the issues that everyone sees.

Viola Davis is one of the most celebrated actresses in show business, so it is a bit sad that her new movie is falling under an online boycott. However, it is typical nature for the internet to get itself into a tizzy about almost anything. Go see The Woman King, and then determine if it’s a movie that should be boycotted.