Vin Diesel Secretly In Thor: Love And Thunder?

A new rumor hints that Guardians of the Galaxy's Vin Diesel might secretly be appearing in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Avengers: Endgame concluded with the Guardians of the Galaxy flying away with Thor along for the ride, which raised the question of what this group would get up to in the future. While it’s unclear what the Guardians of the Galaxy’s role in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder could be, a new rumor suggests that Vin Diesel might secretly be filming for the upcoming film.

A video has surfaced online claiming to show Vin Diesel getting off a plane in Sydney, Australia, arriving to shoot Thor: Love and Thunder. The video is shaky, out-of-focus, and full of lens flares, but at the very least, there seems to be a bald man that does look like Diesel walking in front of the plane.

Beyond the questionable quality of the video in question, there are at least a few reasons to be skeptical about this report. Since Vin Diesel has only voiced Groot, an anthropomorphic tree creature who says three words “I am Groot,” it’s unclear why Diesel would actually have to be present for filming. While theoretically, he could be doing voice recording in Australia, it doesn’t seem likely that Marvel would ask Diesel to fly across the world just to record those three words yet again.

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It also doesn’t quite make sense why Vin Diesel would already be in Australia to film, when supposedly production won’t begin until January. Maybe there’s some important pre-production work that is vital for Diesel to be a part of, but it seems extremely strange that Diesel would be in Australia two months early, especially for a role that requires such little work.

To play devil’s advocate, it could entirely be possible that Vin Diesel is playing a different character altogether. As unlikely as this seems, consider that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four looks to experiment with the idea of multiverses in several of its properties. The 2021 Disney+ series WandaVision, and 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have all been confirmed to involve the multiverse, while it’s heavily assumed that 2021’s Spider-Man 3 will also feature multiverse action. Is it possible we could see multiverses in Thor: Love and Thunder as well? Maybe we will see another universe where Groot is a human being? Or maybe one where Dominic Toretto joins the Avengers? One can dream.

But also boosting the possibility that Vin Diesel might appear in Thor: Love and Thunder is the recent news that Chris Pratt will also be joining the cast of the film. Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor have both proved in previous films that they’re definitely a fun duo to watch play off of each other, so this is a logical choice. But again, since we saw Thor leaving with the Guardians of the Galaxy, it seems only likely that the rest of the Guardians would also appear in some capacity.

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If Vin Diesel does in fact join Thor: Love and Thunder, he’ll be joining an already packed cast. In addition to Chris Hemsworth reprising his role of Thor, and Chris Pratt appearing as Star-Lord in some capacity, the film will also feature Tessa Thompson’s return as Valkyrie. Also expected to have a much larger role than in previous films is Natalie Portman coming back as Jane Forster, who will become Thor as well. Joining the cast for the first time will be Christian Bale, who is supposedly playing the film’s villain. Finally, Thor: Love and Thunder will see writer-director Taika Waititi returning to the franchise, as well as voicing the rock alien Korg.

But if we don’t see Vin Diesel in Thor: Love and Thunder, it might be a while before we see the return of the Guardians of the Galaxy. With writer-director James Gunn currently in post-production for The Suicide Squad, and then working on a spinoff of that film, centered around John Cena’s character, Peacemaker, it’s unclear when Waititi will wrap up his duties at DC and return to Marvel. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is currently in the works, and Gunn himself has said his script is completed, but it’s uncertain when the third film will actually be released.

While it does seem extremely like that Vin Diesel would appear in Thor: Love and Thunder, especially considering how close Thor and the Guardians were at the end of Avengers: Endgame, it doesn’t quite make sense why he would have to be in person to film, not to mention two months before production is slated to begin.