Vin Diesel Still After A Specific Marvel Role?

By Apeksha Bagchi | 3 weeks ago

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Even though Marvel has now successfully established itself on the small screen with hit shows like WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki, and now What If…?, there was a time when it just couldn’t grasp the trick to ace the world of tv series. And the bane of its existence was the severely panned series, Inhumans, on ABC, which was canceled by the network swiftly after its Season 1 concluded. But now that Marvel is back in the game, the rumors of Inhumans getting a reboot are once again on the rise with the possibility of Vin Diesel still striving to get his hands on the character of Blackagar Boltagon, more commonly known as Black Bolt. 

We Got This Covered has reported that according to its sources, Vin Diesel is still pretty much invested in playing the role of Black Bolt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). While the publication has not provided any proof to back their claim, Diesel’s interest in playing the character isn’t that difficult to digest. The Fast & Furious franchise lead star has shown his enthusiasm to portray Black Bolt for years now, starting with his appearance on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast in 2014, just around the time Guardians of the Galaxy was released. 

During the podcast, Vin Diesel made it clear that when it comes to his fixation on the character of Black Bolt, it is not a “if it will happen” scenario and is more of a when Marvel manages to “woo” him with a “dope script” helmed by an amazing director. He had also expressed faith in Kevin Feige in finding the above combination and dazzling him again like he did when he proposed Diesel voice Groot in the MCU. 

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Also, in the past few years, ever since Inhumans got canceled, there have been many reports that Marvel is planning to reboot it and is planning to recast characters such as Black Bolt and Maximus. Black Bolt was originally played by Anson Mount in the ill-fated ABC series. The actor had himself confirmed in 2019 that there were some negotiations going on in regards to the reboot of Inhumans on Disney+ and the fact that Vin Diesel wants to play the character of Black Bolt. He had expressed hope that with the right destination for the series, the perfect tone for its storyline, and “the right vision,” it would be a success. 

Last year, Vin Diesel had once again confirmed his interest in playing the character of Black Bolt during Universal’s F9 trailer launch event. In a chat with, the actor clarified that the possibility of him playing his favorite MCU character depends on the fans. Black Bolt, though superhumanly strong, can’t actually talk because him uttering even the faintest whisper has the power to cause massive destruction because of his impossibly strong hypersonic voice. Diesel had humorously commented that after playing Groot, a character who has uttered only three words throughout his entire presence in the MCU, playing Bolt who says nothing at all would be the best “real practical joke.” 

But jokes aside, given Vin Diesel’s continued interest in the project and Marvel’s recent spree of bringing forth new and/or revived characters, it won’t come as a surprise if the next MCU project ends up starring the actor as the leader of the Inhuman Royal Family.