Vin Diesel Making A Sequel To One Of His Worst Movies?

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

Vin Diesel is about to drop another major movie in one of the biggest franchises around. His current work involves some of the craziest stunts you’ll ever see and an increasingly ridiculous set of premises that serve to get vehicles of all sorts doing mind-blowing stunts. So it’s easy to forget he once made a very different kind of film, that had him babysitting. But according to We Got This Covered, that movie might be getting a sequel with word that The Pacifier is being talked about for a follow-up film. 

The Pacifier, which definitely sounds like it got the title first and then they wrote the movie second, stars Vin Diesel as an ex-Navy SEAL who’s been assigned to look after a family of five kids whose father had been killed on a mission gone wrong. Diesel’s character had been in the lead that fateful day. It’s easy to see what’s going to happen next. Diesel, who has all the military skills in the world will be put to the “test” when these five kids are a little too much to handle. 

vin diesel

But in the end, Vin Diesel, of course, gets a handle on the family and is able to help them all with their various life and school problems, while also uncovering a massive plot and double-cross within his own government. We’ve seen it a few times before, a schlocky kids’ film with an action star at the helm to lend some juxtaposition around the circumstances. 

Should Vin Diesel be considering a follow-up to The Pacifier all these years later? It seems beyond silly, but he remains a huge action star so why not give it a go? The original came out all the way back in 2005 when Diesel had come off a run of movies that started with The Fast & the Furious and then was followed up with Knockaround Guys, xXx, A Man Apart, and The Chronicles of Riddick. It was at a time when he was still being trial ballooned as a major action star but had yet to really find a total foothold. 

That would all change in 2009 when Fast & Furious really jump started that franchise with its fourth movie which now had Chris Morgan at the helm. It crushed the box office with $360 million worldwide and the franchise has never looked back. Going back to do The Pacifier would bring a very different Vin Diesel back into the title role. 

The Pacifier did manage to take in close to $200 million on its $56 million budgets, making it something of a hit on its own though critics predictably panned it with the film sitting at 21% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a silly premise with an even sillier execution. 

Before he were to make a sequel to The Pacifier, Vin Diesel has plenty to look forward to in the next couple of years. F9 drops later this month on June 25th and already looks  every bit the next high octane addition to the franchise. And he’s also set to have Avatar 2 come out at some point next year. Plus there’s always a return to Groot which will happen in next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.