See Vin Diesel Promise Big Things For F9 Director’s Cut

By Doug Norrie | 19 seconds ago

vin diesel

Vin Diesel has helped create one of the biggest, and frankly most improbable, franchises we have ever seen in the movie space. It’s a testament to the embracement of the popcorn movie mentality and a devil-may-care attitude towards any semblance of reality in the form of stunts that the Fast & Furious franchise has become what it is today. Diesel, more than anyone, recognizes this and somehow is set on promising even bigger things to come. He even took to Instagram to tout what is happening with the F9 Director’s Cut, which is coming out soon. 

In the Instagram post, Vin Diesel talked about how F9 was so “special to be a part of for so many reasons.” And according to Diesel, one of the main reasons it was such an awesome addition to the franchise was that director Justin Lin returned to the big chair to helm the 9th installment. In the message Diesel talks about how important it was to bring Lin back into the high adrenaline mix and what that will mean for the Director’s Cut of  F9. Check out what Vin Diesel had to say about it. 

The sheer pageantry and spectacle that is the Fast & Furious franchise could mean nearly anything is on the table for the Director’s Cut. For a movie that never took its foot off of the proverbial gas for over two hours, we are sure to get even more death and physics-defying action worked into the mix. Vin Diesel probably has good reason to be excited here, considering the movies only continue to ramp things up the more time they get on screen. And Lin is largely responsible for the money-making effect of the franchise over its run. 

Justin Lin joined his first Fast & Furious movie in the director’s chair for Tokyo Drift which is somewhat ironic because it was the one film Vin Diesel wasn’t a part of. That movie was a moderate success, but things really started to take off in the subsequent films when they started going way heavier on the action and leaning more into the international intrigue and espionage (for lack of better terms) storylines for the plot. That was getting going in Fast & Furious (the franchise moniker now) and then Fast Five which combined to do a billion dollars worldwide at the box office

He and writer Chris Morgan overlapped for these films and then again for Fast & Furious 6 which did just under $800 million at the box office on its own. The franchise had been given a shot in the nos tanks and now had a blueprint for future movies. Lin wasn’t in the director’s chair for the seventh and eighth installments which each kept the good times rolling. Each did well over a billion at the box offices on their own. He came back for F9 though and that’s what has Vin Diesel so excited. 

And this won’t be the end for Justin Lin and Vin Diesel. Both are slated to return for the 10th and 11th installments of the franchise which will come out in the next couple of years. Diesel is planning on walking away from this character after that, and presumably, Lin will be done as well. If so, it will have been a wild ride with more craziness sure to come. The home media version of F9 which Diesel refers is set to hit shelves on September 21st.