See Vin Diesel Driving In The DeLorean From Back To The Future

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

vin diesel f9

Over the course of the Fast & Furious franchise, Vin Diesel and company have driven all manner of vehicles to all manner of places. The increasingly ridiculous nature of the story and action, in general, has been one of the, well, driving forces of the franchise’s success over the last many years and films. Though those in the story seem to take it all very seriously, it’s almost tongue-in-cheek now among the audience when the crew goes somewhere far and beyond reality. But one place they haven’t explored in their quests for new rides is the idea of time travel. Maybe that could come over the last couple of movies. Because now we have a cool look at Vin Diesel driving inside Doc Brown’s famed DeLorean from the Back to the Future franchise. 

This latest concept art was put on Instagram by @bosslogic, an account that’s gotten more than a little imaginative around movies and characters for some time now. We see Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto behind the wheel of the classic car with the Flux Capacitor fluxing in the background as he zips off to time unknown. We don’t have a look at the dashboard readout so we don’t know “when” he’s going, but the ridiculous possibilities are endless. Frankly, the way the franchise is going, this kind of trip wouldn’t seem too far afield. Check out Vin Diesel in the DeLorean. 

To their credit, Bosslogic does offer a pretty hilarious premise behind Vin Diesel teaming up with Marty and Doc to get into the time travel game. He says they are traveling to the advent of the universe, the Big Bang, to figure out where speed actually originated. And along the way, there will be some franchise overlap because he’s going to run into The Flash. Of course, we get a reference to family as well. So it’s all kind of here when wrapping the Fast & Furious franchise into the time travel plotline. 

Though they haven’t explored the space-time-continuum, Vin Diesel and the Fast & Furious have used cars in nearly every other imaginable way. They’ve parachuted them out of planes to land in a mountain range, jumped them across skyscrapers, fought off army tanks, brought down military aircraft, while also going underwater, heading to space, and really everything else in between. It’s been a wild ride, for sure. 

For all the craziness Vin Diesel has gotten up to, the franchise in its current iteration is starting to draw to a close. After releasing F9 last summer, there are plans for two more movies to bring this initial story to a close. The gang will be back from other movies with Justin Lin and Chris Morgan also back to direct and write respectively. And there was big news this past week that Jason Momoa had joined the cast as well. The plans are for those two films to shoot back-to-back over the next couple of years with the original release date planned for 2023. It’s unclear if the group is currently on the correct timeline for that film. If not, I guess Vin Diesel can always hop in the DeLorean and set time straight.