Venom 3 Is Happening, Confirmed By Major Producer

By Doug Norrie | 26 seconds ago

venom 2 venom 3

You’d be forgiven if it’s a bit tough to keep track of all the dealings and movies with Marvel characters these days. Spread between two different studios, though also overlapping, the stories around different characters have become interwoven, and at times, confusing. But it sure looks like Sony is still moving full steam ahead on projects in their Spider-Man Universe and their most popular character (outside of the web-slinger himself) is set to get another movie. Apparently, Venom 3 is already in development, further expanding the story of Eddie Brock and his trusty symbiote

Producer Amy Pascal spoke with Collider about projects coming from Sony, specifically about the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home which is a joint venture between that studio and Marvel. The flick is setting up to be among the biggest blockbusters ever and is monopolizing a lot of the higher-up’s time. But there was still a little talk about the other wing of Sony movies, specifically around those villains in the Spider-Man sphere. And this is where Venom 3 came up. Pascal confirmed that they were indeed working on the film saying, “We are in the planning stages right now but what we are focused on is getting everybody to come and see No Way Home…”

Those were about all the details Pascal gave about Venom 3 and its stands to reason these are just the earliest of earliest planning stages. That’s because we only just recently got the second movie in the franchise, Venom: Let There Be Carnage. It hit the big screen back in early October after seeing many, many delays over the last couple of years because of the pandemic. But when Tom Hardy and company hit the big screen, it was another win for Sony. The film took in more than $480 million dollars at the box office on its $110 million budget. In Covid times, with theaters still coming back fully to capacity, this number represents a major win. 

spider-man 4 villain

And bringing Venom 3 could signal even more planned crossovers into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with these two studios becoming more intertwined around the web-slinger. We saw at the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage a scene that has Hardy’s Brock being “introduced” to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, seeing the latter as part of a news report. While it is unclear if he was witnessing this as part of a vision or had actually landed in the alternate universe isn’t totally clear. But it was just another nod to the idea that the “real” Spider-Man will get on-screen with these Sony characters sooner than later. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home is just around the corner, set to release on December 17th. There is a chance that this movie begins to open even more doors for the Sony/ Marvel overlap to continue happening. And before we get Venom 3, Sony has another movie hitting the screen in this universe. That will be Mobius which has Jared Leto in the lead role as the doctor-turned-vampire. It’s set to hit screens on January 28th of next year. Plus, we are getting a Kraven the Hunter movie as well. So there is plenty happening here and Venom 3 will only add to the excitement.