Venom 2 Trailer Shows Off Tons Of Carnage

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

venom 2 trailer carnage

With the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters looking to expand its offerings over the next few years, we are gearing up to see even more villains coming out of the woodwork sooner than later. This franchise has its sights set on establishing almost anyone and everyone who has ever been a threat to Spider-Man. And this latest Venom 2 trailer, Let There Be Carnage gives much more than a glimpse of maybe the most terrifying threat yet. There is way more Carnage in this one, letting on that the world is in serious trouble from this all-encompassing evil. 

The Venom 2 trailer lets on to a little more of the backstory of how Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady ends up taking over the Carnage powers (or vice versa depending on how you see these parasites) and shows just how powerful the evil can become when completely unfettered. Frankly, it is pretty terrifying, something Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock quickly comes to realize. He is going to need Venom now more than ever, and we even see the two strike something of an uncomfortable pact before it is all said and done. Check out what I mean in the Venom 2 trailer here:

The Venom 2 trailer starts off pretty much business as usual for Tom Hardy as he continues to adjust to a world in which an alien parasite lives inside him. They have something of an unbalanced relationship with Brock trying to reign in Venom and his appetite, confining it to simply eating bad guys and you know, not everyone in the world. But as a reporter, Brock ends up visiting the prison cell of serial killer Cletus Kasady played by an intimidating and creepy Woody Harrelson who appears to lean all the way into the role. 

It is here where the Venom 2 trailer shows us how things go off the rails with Kasady taking a bite out of Brock’s hand and rather unwittingly ingesting a piece of the alien presence alive in his system. That symbiote is then able to fully take over Kasady’s body and he ends up becoming Carnage, a much more powerful and much scarier version of Venom. It doesn’t take long to realize that this is the worst possible outcome for everyone involved. And Brock, in order to have Venom appear to fight off Carnage agrees to let the former eat whoever he wants. Things are getting real bloody, real quick. 

In addition to a much longer look at Carnage and what it is capable of when left without a human pumping the breaks on the alien’s base urges and needs, we also see more of a look at Naomi Harris’s Shriek character. She is also locked up and looks like a force to be reckoned with. 

Considering the extended length of this Venom 2 trailer, we know it won’t be long until it hits the big screen. After facing a number of different pandemic-related delays, the movie is going to hit screens on September 15th. It is just one in the number of other movies coming in this Sony franchise which will also include Morbius and the recently-announced Kraven the Hunter. In all, it is an exciting but albeit scary time for this universe of characters.