Universal Studios Just Closed One Of Their Most Iconic Attractions

By Matthew Creith | 15 seconds ago

Universal Studios

Ever since Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida opened its doors in 1990, visitors from around the world have been introduced to a variety of attractions. Featuring thrilling rides, pictures with costume-clad characters, and one-of-a-kind restaurants, Universal Studios Florida has been a top destination for vacationing families everywhere. Like its Disney theme park counterparts, Universal Florida boasts its collection of Universal movies via attractions fit for the whole family. Now, news comes of an old favorite that has closed down for good, despite the niche that it has brought for many years.

As reported by the Orlando Informer, Universal Studios’ once-popular restaurant, Classic Monsters Cafe, has permanently closed its doors as of Spring 2022. Once hailed as a restaurant “serving dreadfully-delicious quick-service menu offerings,” the Classic Monsters Cafe has dished out its last meal after more than 20 years in the Florida sun. Universal Studios is more than likely making way for a new restaurant to replace the Classic Monsters Cafe off of the main street in the Production Central section of the park. There are no specific details on what that replacement restaurant will actually be yet, and nothing has been shared about the Classic Monsters Cafe kiosk that is separate from the restaurant, currently occupying space in the park.

When it opened in May of 1998, the Classic Monsters Cafe was the first stop for many as they entered Production Central. As represented by this video posted by a Universal Studios visitor to YouTube, the restaurant featured an abundance of posters, statues, busts, and horrifying memorabilia from classic Universal films like the Mummy, Dracula, the Wolf Man, Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, and the original non-musical version of Phantom of the Opera. Delighting visitors with blood-curdling soundtracks from some of classic Hollywood’s greatest fright films and tasty treats from the cafeteria-style eatery, the Classic Monsters Cafe was a trip down memory lane for decor-conscious visitors to the park.

While the Classic Monsters Cafe will most likely be missed by many, it is not the only attraction at Universal Studios to close in recent months. Spectrum News 13 in Orlando stated earlier this year that Shrek 4-D is permanently closed after 19 years at the park, with a similar closure of the same ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California a few years prior. Based on the box office smash hit Shrek, Shrek 4-D was a popular stop for families with young kids for many years. There is also no word yet on what will replace Shrek 4-D, but rumors via Orlando Park Stop are that a new Minions attraction may come into that space instead. While Universal has not confirmed what this Minions attraction will be, Orlando Park Stop does say that the building where Shrek 4-D currently sits will be occupied as a mix-use area for the park’s annual scare-a-thon, Halloween Horror Nights. Each year, Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida are both taken over for the month of October with Halloween-esque themed mazes, haunted houses, and live entertainment that correspond naturally to Universal’s vault of horror films and television shows.