The President Of Ukraine Has A Series On Netflix

By Douglas Helm | 2 months ago


While it’s been a tragic way to bring everyone together, the world has rallied behind the people of Ukraine as they deal with the ongoing Russian invasion of their country. Fortunately for the Ukrainian people, they do have a capable leader to help them through this crisis in the form of their President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. While there are almost no politicians that get 100% support from their people, Zelenskyy has undoubtedly handled the invasion with aplomb. He’s been on the ground with his people and has made extensive efforts to get help from other countries to give Ukraine the support they need.

In the wake of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s impassioned speeches and worldwide recognition, Netflix has brought back one of his most famous series from before he became President. If you weren’t aware, the President of Ukraine actually used to be a successful comedian and actor. His charm, humor, and intelligence eventually won the people over when he did run for office, putting him in the position that he’s in today. The series that Netflix brought back is called Servant of the People, which was also what Zelenskyy named the political party he ran under.

Servant of the People fittingly is a political satire in the vein of Veep. In the show, Zelenskyy plays a teacher whose rant about political corruption goes viral. This eventually leads to him becoming the President of Ukraine (in the show, his actual Presidency would come to fruition four years later). While this is an undoubtedly prescient piece of media, it’s also very funny and is one of the best-received roles in Zelenskyy’s career. The show has quickly become a phenomenon, especially because of how relevant it is to the current situation. One particular clip of the show that has been retweeted and posted by many is Zelenskky’s character getting a call from Angela Merkel, saying that Ukraine can join the European Union. Upon realizing that she’s speaking to the President of Ukraine and not Montenegro, she corrects the mistake, leading to a funny quip from Zelenskky where he yells “F**ing Putin.” Which is a quote almost everyone can get behind at this point.

ukraine servant of the people

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also starred in a number of romantic comedies and even voiced Paddington Bear in the Ukrainian-language version of the Paddington films before he took the office of President. Although he didn’t have a political career before getting elected, he has long used his platform for political activism. He also obtained a law degree before pursuing his comedy career. Now, thanks to Netflix, people all over the world can view some of his best entertainment work.

As of now, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has much more important work to focus on. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia continues to go on. Many major cities have been bombed and there have been civilian casualties for Ukraine and troop casualties on both sides. A number of countries are heavily sanctioning Russia and providing aid to Ukraine in the wake of the invasion. Hopefully, there will be a peaceful end to this tragic event soon.