Tony Shalhoub Returning As Monk In The Best Way Possible, Fans Can’t Wait

Tony Shalhoub's greatest role is Adrian Monk, the OCD detective that starred on USA for almost a decade, and now, 14 years after the series finale, he's coming back for a movie on Peacock.

By Mark McKee | Updated

Tony Shalhoub

Mental illness has never been something that was popular as a characteristic of main characters in TV and movies unless, of course, it was PTSD for an action movieMonk is a character that brought the subject of mental illness to the forefront of a series by gracing its charismatic and loveable titular character with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Over a decade after the end of the series, fans are being treated with the return of Tony Shalhoub in a streaming movie, according to Comic Book, and fans are here for it, as evidenced by their reactions on Twitter. 

According to the report, the film Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie will follow our favorite OCD detective consultant as he embarks on one more case, a very personal one that involves his stepdaughter. As of now, the new project will involve the original series’ creative team, including creator, executive producer, and writer Andy Breckman, executive producer David Hoberman, and executive producer/director Randy Zisk. According to Tony Shalhoub, it will be a 90-minute film and bring back “everybody,” meaning the entire cast, sending some fans into meltdown mode. 

Like all fans, they have waited for over a decade to see their favorite cast return for a made-for-tv outing. The cast in the original series includes Jason Gray-Stanford (Flags of Our FathersA Beautiful Mind, and The Boys), Ted Levine (The Silence of the LambsThe Fast and the Furious, and Heat), and Taylor Howard (Dirty WorkMe, Myself, & Irene, and West Wing). There is no word how many of these originals will be making a return to the series, but we can imagine it is everyone. 

Of course, a Monk movie wouldn’t be a Monk movie without the demand for some wipes. His obsessive-compulsive disorder may have been intended to be a character flaw or comedic aspect, but it became something that Tony Shalhoub was known for. Around every corner of the script was a great moment of comedy and a little bit of awareness for mental illness, and those moments remain strong today. 

As with this tweet, Monk is one of the most rewatchable shows of the last twenty years, and many fans find their time best spent revisiting all of their favorite episodes and watching Tony Shalhoub solve crimes while avoiding every germ possible. Joining many of the comments, this one makes a comparison to another great private detective/detective consultant series with its own TV movie, Psych

Speaking of Psych, many of the fans are looking for a few announcements for that series. While the comments begin as a hope to see Psych 4 (yeah, there have been three TV movies already), they quickly jumped to wanting a crossover. Of course, having two of TV’s most excellent detective consultants together would make for one epic time for the fans. 

It may have been more than a decade since the Tony Shalhoub character has been on TV, but fans are definitely ready to see him again. Lucky for them, Monk is primed for a return.