6 Spider-Man Movies Already Planned For The Guy Replacing Tom Holland?

By Drew Dietsch | 7 months ago

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Tom Holland has earned his place in the pantheon of Spider-Man actors. The young actor has given a new generation their definitive version of the web-slinging superhero. However, it is sounding like another notable wall-crawler is going to be making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe very soon, and it could mean a big change in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Marvel is currently looking to cast a Black actor for a “strong supporting role” alongside Tom Holland in the upcoming Spider-Man 3. Richtman believes that this role is almost certainly Miles Morales and that the part comes with options for 5-6 additional films. That is usually the standard contract for any lead character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This certainly lends credence to the idea that this part could be Miles Morales.

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Adding fuel to that fire is a report from Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse who found a now-deleted audition video of a character named “Daniel” – most likely an alias – who is a big fan of Spider-Man and is watching a news report about his death. It is not clear if that means Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is the one who is dying, but that certainly seems to track with the story of Miles Morales that we saw in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

If this is all true, then our speculation is not that Tom Holland will be dying in Spider-Man 3, but it will be one of the other Spider-Men we have heard will be showing up in Spider-Man 3. Could that be why Electro is going to show up in this new movie? Is Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker going to get killed off by Jamie Foxx’s electric-powered supervillain? We know that Benedict Cumberbatch has been officially cast for the sequel as well. If we were going to put any money on a Spider-Man dying, it would be that one. Or possibly Tobey Maguire! That might be an even better assumption. But we doubt Tom Holland is going to get killed off.

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All this is to say that it might be possible that Miles Morales does not originate from the main Marvel Cinematic Universe dimension. This might mean that Tom Holland won’t be getting replaced in the upcoming Spider-Man 3, but will actually gain a new ally in Miles Morales. Could that mean that Miles Morales would have to leave his home universe and live in the main Marvel Cinematic Universe dimension? Or could we start to have multiple universes become more featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? So many possibilities!

So we will have to see if this means Tom Holland is being replaced as Spider-Man or if it means he will be getting a new Spider-Partner. Regardless, we know you all are really worried about how this is going to affect the most anticipated film in the Marvel/Spider-Man canon, Morbius. Only time will tell how this news could change the path of Jared Leto’s bloodsucker. The world waits with bated breath to hear more news about that integral film.