Tom Holland Reveals His Time As Spider-Man Is Over

By Apeksha Bagchi | 3 weeks ago

tom holland spider-man

Even though due to Sony Pictures’ ill-fated attempts at adapting the character of Spider-Man from the Marvel comics, we have seen two more actors as the web-slinger, it is hard to imagine that anyone else could ever play the role of Peter Parker as deftly and authentically like Tom Holland. And yet, just like Robert Downey Jr.’s glorious stint as the beloved Iron Man came to an end, Tom Holland recently revealed that his days as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man are also over.

Currently, Tom Holland is busy shooting Spider-Man: No Way Home in Atlanta, Georgia, and is close to wrapping up his third solo outing as the webbed superhero. But while that’s exciting to know (because it means there will be no delays in its scheduled release), Tom Holland has revealed in a chat with British GQ that this could very well be his last Spider-Man film. He shared that there is very little left to shoot in the third film and he is very sad as this film marks the end of his contract with Marvel Studios. He reveals that as he has not been approached for renewing the contract yet, he has no idea as to what will happen next, and thus he is savoring every moment of shooting what could be his last Marvel Cinematic Universe film. 

Tom Holland added that while the chances of Marvel firing him or him walking away from his iconic role as Peter Parker are rather slim, the fact that he does not have any contract beyond the film worries him. Ever since he was cast as Spider-Man six years ago, the only reason he confidently went from shooting one Marvel Cinematic Universe film to another was the existence of a contract between him and Marvel. But that’s not the case anymore and he is left “looking at my phone waiting for it to ring with a new contract.” 

tom holland spider-man

But never say never as Tom Holland hopes that just like he found out about being chosen to play Spider-Man via a press cutting online, maybe he will soon discover in a similar manner that he has already been signed up for seven more Spider-Man films by Marvel. 

While the thought of Tom Holland never playing Peter Parker again after Spider-Man: No Way Home is a scary one, it is nothing to lose sleep over. Over the multiple attempts made to establish Spider-Man as a successful superhero franchise, it was only when Marvel presented the young actor in the role that it achieved the greatness it was always supposed to. While earlier live-action iterations of Spider-Man fizzled out by the second or third film and attracted major criticisms, the new films starring Holland have been lauded and the majority of the credit goes to the Cherry star. 

There is also the fact that, unlike the previous attempts, this time Spider-Man’s story has been roped into the larger framework of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the earlier flag-bearers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now retired, it is on the new-age superheroes like Spider-Man, Monica Rambeau, Ms. Marvel, and many others to carry the torch forward. And what makes it harder to digest the possibility of Marvel even entertaining the thought of ending Tom Holland’s stint as Spider-Man is the fact that he is the one who smoothed things over when Marvel and Sony were on the outs back in August 2020. He saved Spider-Man, c’mon!