The Entire Plot Of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3 Has Leaked?

Previous leaks about Spider-Man 3 had mentioned Tom Holland's Peter facing a death in the film and another leak has revealed who it will be.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

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Looks like by the time Tom Holland appears in Spider-Man: No Way Home across theaters in 2021, there will more rumors and theories than the entire list of existing and upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films and shows put together. What started with rumors of the film depicting the multiverse in chaos has now progressed to “leaks” of the entire storyline. There are some potential spoilers coming here if these leaks prove true, so tread with some caution here.

The latest rumors are claiming that Peter will be left dealing with the death of his best friend Ned by the end of Spider-Man 3. Last we saw Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, he was busy trying to wrap his head around the masterstroke that Quentin Beck a.k.a. Mysterio had set into motion even in death. He exposed Spidey’s real identity i.e., he is actually a high-school junior, and lied that he was the one who caused all the destruction that took place in Spider-Man: Far From Home as well as killed the “real” hero, Mysterio. According to a thread on 4chan (similar to the leak on Reddit a few months ago but with additional details), Spider-Man 3 will start off with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker on the run after his identity was revealed at the end of Far Away from Home and accompanied by MJ and Ned as they were his “accomplices.”

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Doctor Strange comes to their rescue and takes them to the Sanctum, instructing them to lay low, while he fixes everything. Here Tom Holland will come across the Green Goblin, Doctor Ock, Sandman, Sandman, Lizard, and Electro who have been imprisoned by Strange. Somehow, these supervillains manage to trick Peter into helping them and he releases them, following which they escape into the city. 

When Strange arrives, he is infuriated by their escape as he had imprisoned the supervillains after each dimension’s Osborn Oscorp’s experiments with inter-dimensional travel had destabilized the multiverse. It now becomes Peter’s responsibility to stop the villains who make it to MCU’s Oscorp building to steal prototype inter-dimensional technology. Tom Holland as Spider-Man tries and fails to stop them, which is when he and Strange travel to universes where Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are Spider-Man- the former is now a college professor while the latter is married to MJ and has a daughter. 

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Sensing the arrival of the Spider-Man of their respective universes, the villains use the Oscorp device to get the Rhino to MCU’s Earth. The Green Goblin then gets his hands on a Stark power core while the rest begin fighting the three Spider-Men at the Statue of Liberty. Green Goblin’s plan is to open portals back to the villains’ universes, allowing them to travel back and then closing it to trap Garfield and Maguire’s Spider-Men on MCU’s Earth. In the fight, Maguire dies while Goblin kidnaps Ned to use him as leverage while he opens the portals. Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield initially manage to stop him and save Ned, but when Goblin tries to attack the Spider-Men, he accidentally kills Ned. 

A devasted Spider-Man (Tom Holland) nearly kills Goblin but is stopped by Garfield after which the Sinister Six are once again locked up and Tom Holland along with Garfield travel to Maguire’s Spider-Man’s universe to attend his funeral. Soon, Tom surrenders to the police and Matt Murdock defends him though, his secret identity is out forever. 

Certain aspects of the theory sound too much like fanfiction to be digested but a few of them are possible. Given that the general public is unaware of the cunning schemes of Beck and what his actual motives were, it is safe to say that the part about Tom Holland as Peter being on the run is plausible as it’s obvious that he’ll spend a major chunk of the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home trying and probably succeeding in proving his innocence.

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For the third Spider-Man film to once again present Tom Holland as an extremely gullible teenager, something which was like the sub-theme of the past two films, seems improbable. But again, if Doctor Strange is indeed playing mentor to Peter Parker, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have no qualms about repeating this particular trope either. 

As for the amazing, yet unproven, multiverse theories and rumors of villains breaching into MCU’s Earth, only the film’s release can confirm or deny their possibility. If this all proves true, Tom Holland has a fight on his hands.