Tom Holland Got Shredded For Spider-Man 3, See His New Muscles

By Apeksha Bagchi | 3 months ago

tom holland spider-man 3

Tom Holland has been hard at work with the latest addition to his journey as Marvel’s webbed superhero in Spider-man 3. He has been busy shooting Spiderman: No Way Home across different locations with the rest of the cast, which includes a pretty grueling exercising schedule to prep up for his character in the film. Why the extra efforts, you ask? Well, because face it, he is no longer a kid-like neighborhood superhero- he is *the* Spider-man who has defeated the likes of Mysterio and even went up against Thanos. He has to look the part too and judging by his latest Instagram story, we have to say mission well accomplished. 

The Spider-Man: No Way Home star recently took to his Instagram stories and revealed his jaw-dropping body transformation for his third solo Spider-man film. In the picture, he posed shirtless next to his personal trainer Duffy Gaver and mentioned that this was their last training session together. 

“I never post shit like this but it’s our last day so f**k it. Thank you @duffygaver for making everything about this job better. Love you pal,” Tom Holland captioned the image. 

Going through extensive body transformations for a character is nothing new for the young star who recently talked with GQ about the brutal training regime he went through for his latest release, Cherry. He detailed how he had to lose a lot of weight for Cherry- close to 27lbs by following a difficult schedule of running in a trash bag every single day. Describing it as an “awful” experience, the actor explained that within ten weeks into shooting the film he realized the magnitude of the work he supposed to do for his character. 

Spider-Man Tom Holland

Tom Holland went on to add how his trainer for the film, George Ashwell, drew him a chart for his daily intake of calories which was limited to 500 per day. To that, he had to run ten miles every day to attain that famished, lost look of a drug addict. But that was not it as soon after, he had to bulk up as he had to shoot scenes as a marine for the film. 

He went on to share that his transformation for Cherry will never be a happy memory as the strict regime ended up making him very sick and completely changed his relationship with food. Tom Holland further added that this experience was so challenging that he is unsure if he will ever go through something similar for another role. 

So, it’s only fair that he has plans to take a long vacation after he is done shooting for No Way Home. Judging by his rigorous and tough schedule, he totally deserves it. Recently, Tom Holland told USA Today’s Entertain This, that he plans to take a break, go home, and have some time to himself as post shooting for No Way Home, he has not signed to work on more films.

Tom Holland Spider-Man

“I might go skiing because that’s something I’ve not really been allowed to do, because it’s obviously a dangerous sport and I have to make sure that I’m fit and healthy and ready to work. I’m just gonna go home and see where the wind takes me,” Tom Holland added. 

While Spider-Man: No Way Home is yet to wrap up shooting, Tom Holland is done filming for another one of his long-awaited films: Uncharted. It is based on the popular videogames of the same name and will see the actor play the lead character of treasure hunter Nathan Drake. Uncharted is currently scheduled to be theatrically released on February 11th, 2022.