See Henry Cavill And Tom Holland Discuss How To Pee In Superhero Costumes

By Doug Norrie | 12 seconds ago

tom holland henry cavill

Tom Holland and Henry Cavill have played some of the biggest superheroes out there so it would make sense that they have certain things to bond over. Whether it’s making their studios millions and millions of dollars, having legions of fans, or just holding down major, studio franchises, these two could probably go on and one trading stories about their careers. But recently they had a meeting of the minds about something else in the superhero star universe, namely how the heck they pee in their respective suits. It’s just the kind of thing fans want to know about, right?

Appearing on the Graham Norton Show, Tom Holland and Henry Cavill began to discuss how they “perform” in their suits with Holland starting things off with a request he made for his Spider-Man suit for the latest movie. That request apparently wasn’t honored which had the actor then ask Cavill what happened in the Superman outfit. Apparently, Cavill had a little more freedom when it came to relieving himself while in character though neither seemed to think anything about it was all that comfortable. Check out part of the interview

Tom Holland says that he requested a zipper for the Spider-Man outfit, something to make going to the bathroom just a little bit easier. But apparently, that didn’t happen and in Spider-Man: No Way Home, there was still no way to conduct his business easily. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill said that his Superman outfit did have a small, concealed zipper for this use. There was some confusion for a second over whether they were talking about the same kind of zipper, but it looks like that all got straightened out. These just aren’t the kinds of things when you are watching characters fly and swing all over the big screen. 

As far as how their superhero roles are going, Tom Holland and Henry Cavill might be headed in different directions on this front. It sure does look like Holland will carry on as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man going forward even after the events of No Way Home. While it isn’t completely set in stone, folks at Sony have intimated that this is far from the end of the line for the character. While it isn’t clear the exact path, especially with Sony building out its own set of characters, the belief is that Tom Holland will carry on in the part. He’s become something of the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at this point. 

On the other hand, Henry Cavill’s future as Superman is anything but clear. There is some feeling that his turn as the character in Justice League and then Zack Snyder’s cut was the end of the line for his run as Clark Kent. While DC is set to reboot Superman a couple of different ways in the future with black actors in the lead roles, it doesn’t seem like Cavill will return anytime soon. It could be the last time Tom Holland and Cavill are able to kibitz about the vagaries of donning tights in major superhero franchises.