See Tom Holland’s New Black & Gold Spider-Man Costume For No Way Home

By Faith McKay | 3 days ago

tom holland

There are so many exciting and fun rumors about Spider-Man 3: No Way Home, and yet still, no trailer. The movie releases in December 2021. A trailer could be dropping any time, giving us a much-needed look at Tom Holland and a better understanding of what to expect from this Marvel movie. Now, as if hearing fan pleas for Spider-Man 3 details, the Hot Toys Facebook page released some of their own marketing materials to promote their gear. Amazingly, these pictures actually gave us an awesome look at Tom Holland and his new costume for the movie.

This first picture shows a toy closely resembling Tom Holland in costume, with a brand new black and gold Spider-Man suit. This picture gives a close-up look at the texturing on his suit. If you take a look, you’ll see that the pattern is meant to look like a computer card. This hints, at least, that this suit may have tech from Stark Industries involved. Some of the squares on his chest also appear to have numbers.

tom holland

The below picture has Tom Holland’s Spider-Man fully suited up and flying through the city. We not only get a look at the mask here but also at the red fingertips in the mostly black and gold suit and the gold print on the boots. It would be interesting to know if the gold parts of the pattern signify any specific kind of tech for the suit.

spider-man no way home

In the above pictures, Tom Holland’s new costume has the spider symbol on the chest. Below, he gets something special and blue on this chest. Also, take a look at the gold cover on his left arm, not seen in the pictures above.

spider-man costume

And then in the below picture, we now see that the arm with the gold cover is shooting those fantastic sorcerer-like circles.

tom holland spider-man

Here Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is again, in action and with a better vantage point on the whole suit.


The last picture we have has a lot of close-ups. You can see the black and gold suit from the front and back in the lower-left corner. A close-up picture of the different elements to the toy figure in the center. All of these close-ups give us a much better understanding of the small elements in the new costume promised for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Tom Holland toys

With all of the Spider-Man 3 stories out there, it’s fortunate that this toy so clearly includes Tom Holland’s face. If not, we could have thought that the black and gold costume might even belong to Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or another Spider-Man altogether, like we’ve seen in the animated feature Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. If Spider-Man 3 is going to explore the Multiverse, then it’s fair enough to assume that we could see variants of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the movie, as introduced in Loki. So that’s still not ruled out as a possibility, but Holland’s Spider-Man has changed his costume before. It’s going to be interesting to see how this costume plays into the plot, especially with those blue energy circles popping out. One thing’s for sure: fans can’t get a trailer for Spider-Man 3 soon enough.