See Tom Holland Race Antonio Banderas For Treasure In The New Uncharted Trailer

By Erika Hanson | 1 month ago

tom holland mark wahlberg uncharted

If you weren’t already excited enough for the upcoming Tom Holland adventure that will find him trading in his web-slinging suit for something a little more classic, the new Uncharted trailer will surely get your Spidey-senses tingling. Sony just revealed the second trailer for the upcoming Uncharted film adaptation prior to its upcoming release in February. The trailer, which contains two and a half minutes of jam-packed action showcasing the thrilling adventure that drew in more than 37 million fans, sheds light on more plot details while teasing at some great sparring between Tom Holland and Antonio Banderas.

See the new trailer for yourself below:

The new trailer spent quite a bit of time teasing at the developing relationship between Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg’s Victor “Sully” Sullivan. It’s also full of plenty of video game references including the duo facing multiple puzzles, and even a glimpse of Sully’s trademark mustache. The Uncharted trailer also teased more of the movie’s villain played by Hollywood vet Antonio Banderas. “500 years ago, my family found the world’s biggest fortune, then was betrayed,” says Banderas’ ruthless Moncada. The trailer gave an in-depth look into an event all three main characters attend as they attempt to nab an heirloom from the event. After what appears to be Tom Holland’s Drake’s first meeting with the villain, the two go head to head in a race to be the first to burgle the treasure. 

antonio banderas uncharted trailer

It was largely considered a win when Sony added Antonio Banderas to the star-studded lineup for Uncharted. The 61-year-old Spanish actor has a long resume of movies under his belt and plenty of accolades to boast. While the dreamy Spaniard is most recognizable for his protagonist roles in films like The Mask of Zorro, he has proven his skills as a villain with roles in films like The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, and the Uncharted trailer definitely hints at some great chemistry between the Hollywood vet paired up against Tom Holland.

Years in the making, the Uncharted film follows a long line of video games in the franchise spanning over 15 years. From video game developers Naughty Dog and Sony, the Uncharted franchise follows Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter who travels across. With plenty of material to draw from, the Uncharted trailer revealed that the film adaptation would tell the origin story of Tom Holland’s Drake as he got into the business. The official plot states that Nathan Drake is recruited by season’s treasure hunter Sully, played by Mark Wahlberg. The two set out to recover the lost fortune of Ferdinand Magellan over 500 years ago. Nathan And Sully end up on a globe-trotting race against the vial Moncado as both parties attempt to be the first to discover the secrets and puzzles and find the lost treasure. 

Uncharted is set to hit theatres on February 18th, 2022. And if the wait is just too unbearable Sony will be releasing Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection which contains both Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on PlayStation 5 later next month.