Tom Hanks’ Son Blames Struggles On “Not Having A Strong Male Role Model”

By Nathan Kamal | 3 months ago

tom hanks road to perdition

Rapper/actor Chet Hanx (also known as Chester Hanks) recently shared a video on his YouTube channel in which he opened up about some aspects of his personal life. Not surprisingly, he addressed pretty up front that people ask him a lot about what it is like to grow up as the son of legendary actor Tom Hanks. According to Hanx, he feels that he grew up without a “strong male role model” which left him with a lot of self-esteem issues. To be fair, he did acknowledge that being a son of the star of Big, Castaway and Bosom Buddies brings a lot of advantages, but can also be “pretty weird.” Which, fair enough. Given that his anecdote about being asked about what it is like to grow up with a famous father involved the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, asking him that, probably is pretty weird. You can watch it here: 

It is also worth noticing that Chet Hanx feels it necessary to state that “people forget that” President George W. Bush’s father was also a President of the United States, also named George Bush. Which, respectfully, that is actually one of the most remembered things about George W. Bush, plus the Iraq War. But it is true that both the 43rd President and the rapper behind “White Boy Summer” most likely have conflicted feelings about their respective famous fathers. Hanx sounds genuinely grateful for the advantages of growing up Tom Hanks’ son (such as “nice hotels” and private planes), and he does state that fame is the most powerful and destructive drug of all. Hanx has been public about his longtime issues with substance abuse and addiction, and credits his daughter and parents (his mother is actress Rita Wilson) helping him to overcome them and stay sober. Which, good for you, Chet, and we are in your corner. 

Chet Hanx is also candid that his experiences with receiving secondhand fame via Tom Hanks was a difficult experience. He goes on to describe the preconceived notions that he has dealt with through his life have been difficult, and that he found it nearly impossible to get people to believe that he was not a “spoiled brat” or “entitled.” Ultimately, he did still state that he did not have a strong male role model to tell him that other people in the world were “just jealous” of him, which sounds kind of like some shade at his father and also kind of like something a pretty entitled person might say. 

Aside from being Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s son, Chet Hanx has managed to carve out his own slice of fame. Aside from the aforementioned notorious “White Boy Summer” (which received accusations of alleged plagiarism that Hanx did not do a lot to dispel), he also confusingly first supported and then very publicly spoke out against Covid-19 vaccines. More recently, he has turned to sobriety and fitness influencing, and is currently offering his services in the latter.