Tom Hanks Gets Killed Off In The Turner & Hooch Series’ First Trailer

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

tom hanks turner and hooch

It’s true. Tom Hanks, who played Turner in the original Turner & Hooch from 1989, suffers an ill fate in the trailer for the new Disney+ series. Toward the beginning of the video for the Turner & Hooch series, they kill off Tom Hanks. That’s one way to do a reboot.

Below, you can watch the trailer for the new series, where the fate of Tom Hanks is established.

Early on in the trailer, we learn that our main character, played by Josh Peck, is getting a dog. This is not a dog he asked for. It’s been gifted to him. His sister is dropping it off, and she asks him, “Didn’t mom call you?” When he jumps on the phone with her, she says, “Your father wanted you to have Hooch. He rescued him from the shelter.” This is the line that lets you know that Tom Hanks was our main character’s father, and he’s dead. Good luck refusing a gift from your father, especially when your father is the lovable Tom Hanks, and especially when he has recently passed away. We see that our main character has a note from his departed father, which we hear via voiceover says, “Everything I care about in my life started with a dog.”

The note also acknowledges that our main character doesn’t want a dog, which is similar in story to the original Turner & Hooch movie starring Tom Hanks, though in that story it was really the main character’s decision, not guilt from his departed father.

Do you think they let Tom Hanks know that he died, or just let him find out via the internet? In the original film, he plays Turner, a detective. He gets a dog, named Hooch, as part of his plans for finding a killer. The dog is wild and behaves for other people, but never for Turner, who doesn’t seem to take to dogs. He’s career-focused and unhappy with his current work. He wants high-profile cases. It seems to him that the dog is his ticket to proving himself. The movie follows a buddy-cop plot, but with a dog. On a budget of $13 million, the Tom Hanks film made $71 million at the worldwide box office and was a huge hit.

Josh Peck

Now, thirty years later, Disney+ wants to come back with the same universe and a new Hooch. To their credit, the new dog looks incredibly like the original Hooch. They’ve also come up with a story that seems like it will hit all the same notes as the original, while still being its own story in a way that makes sense and doesn’t require new audiences to have seen the original movie. The series doesn’t have Tom Hanks, but it wouldn’t be the same story with an older version of his character anyway, right? Turner learned what he needed to from his best friend. Now, they have Josh Peck, who believably looks like he could be playing the son of the original character. Peck is also a Turner, known as Scott Turner in the new series, which is said to have 12 episodes.

You’ll be able to see the new Turner & Hooch on Disney+ on July 21.