See Tom Hanks Hit The Road With A Robot In Post-Apocalyptic Finch Trailer

By Faith McKay | 16 seconds ago

tom hanks finch trailer

Tom Hanks has always made it difficult for people to not like him. He’s a delight to watch on screen. He has a way with heartwarming moments that win audiences over. The brief descriptions Apple TV+ have given for his new movie have made it sound like we can expect more of that in his next sci-fi movie, and the Finch trailer fulfills those promises in a big way.

See Tom Hanks, his dog, and the robot he builds to help keep that dog safe, in the post-apocalyptic Finch trailer below.

A solar flare has ended life on planet Earth, mostly. Tom Hanks starts the Finch trailer off believing that he’s the only living being left on a desolate wasteland of a planet. Kind of a bummer. But then, he finds a dog. A new best friend. Hope. Our main character is Finch, an inventor, and now, with the dog at his side, he has a new purpose in this post-apocalyptic story: protecting his dog. While it doesn’t say so in the trailer, descriptions for the film have clarified that the main human character is dying. He’ll need someone to care for the dog, but he’s the only “someone” left. That’s a problem for an inventor to solve.

Tom Hanks creates the android known as Jeff. The android’s main job is going to be to protect and care for the dog. With a storm on the way, Finch gets the robot up and going just in the nick of time as they set off on a trip across the country.

Finch was originally meant to air in theaters. The movie came from Universal Pictures. However, once the pandemic hit, changes were made. The Tom Hanks movie was purchased at auction by Apple. The title had originally been Bios, but that was quickly changed to Finch. A release date wasn’t known at the time, but it was suspect that they would wait until awards season to release this movie, which is proving true. Finch releases on Apple TV+ for streaming on November 5, 2021.

tom hanks finch trailer

Often, the very sight of a dog on a movie poster will leave many to refuse to see the film or read the book. There are lists online of books that feature dogs where the dog doesn’t die. There is even a site with books rewritten so the dog survives. Will Smith was in a post-apocalyptic movie called Legend where it was just him and his dog on the poster, and that did not end well.

These factors make the Finch trailer all that much more charming. The world has ended. There’s not a lot of obvious reason to go on. But Tom Hanks finds a dog, and then, he’s going to go to the end of the world and back to make sure it’s taken care of. On top of all that, the Finch trailer promises a road trip story full of bonding between the three and obstacles to overcome. Hopefully, it will live up to the trailer’s promises.