See Tom Hanks Go Bald For A New Movie

By Drew Dietsch | 6 months ago

tom hanks

Tom Hanks has sported a number of memorable looks over the course of his career. He has never been afraid to don some extreme visages in order to best represent the character that he is portraying. But one look that he does not often utilize is going fully bald. We have seen him do so in Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan, and Cloud Atlas but other than those films? We are having a tough time remembering the actor sporting the cueball look. But it looks like he will be doing exactly that for his next feature film project.

While appearing in an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Tom Hanks decided to reveal his new bald look for an upcoming biopic about none other than music legend Elvis Presley. Take a look at his bald dome in the interview right here:

Now, there should be some clarification. Tom Hanks is not playing Elvis Presley himself. Instead, Hanks will be portraying Colonel Tom Parker, the infamous manager of the King. The Baz Luhrmann film has yet to receive a title but it is likely going to be positioned as an awards contender. The director has not made a feature film since 2013 when he went all out on an adaptation of The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. He also was the writer and head creative force behind the Netflix series The Get Down. It is assumed that he wants to come back swinging with this biopic.

In addition to Tom Hanks, the picture will also star up-and-coming young actor Dacre Montgomery. It is going to be really thrilling to see him potentially share the screen with a lumianry like Hanks. One has to wonder how much of the movie is going to specifically focus on Elvis himself and how much will be centered on the characters that surrounded him. Hanks is currently being given top billing in the picture, but that could possibly be due to his star power and not so much his screen time in the finished film.

Regardless, it is pretty wild to see Tom Hanks without hair. The actor is now 64 years old and seeing him with this look is a reminder of his age. Still, he does not seem to have missed a step in regards to the quality of his acting. He was great in the recent film Greyhound, is getting wonderful reviews in his newest movie News of the World, and even managed to pop up in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm for a very cute cameo. And he even managed to provide long-time character Woody with a soulful sendoff in Toy Story 4. There is no doubt he will bring that same expected excellence to his role in this new Elvis Presley biopic.

Tom Hanks bald

The film is currently in the midst of filming down in Australia. We will have to wait to see our first official look at the movie. Until then, you can always get a kick out of Tom Hanks and his cueball head.