See Tom Cruise As A New Tony Stark

By James Brizuela | 12 seconds ago

Tom Cruise

In a perfect world, Robert Downey Jr. would never get tired of playing Tony Stark. However, actors get tired of spending 10 years or more in the same role. To his credit, the first Iron Man started the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, and his portrayal of Stark has been one of the best castings in the history of comic book movies. Now, it is being rumored that Tom Cruise is going to be appearing as an alternate version of Stark in the new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film. The idea of the multiverse has made this rumor seem more realistic to some. Fans might not agree with replacing RDJ so soon, but it would be great to see what a new version of the head Avenger would look like, sorry Captain America.

An Instagram user by the name of Rahalarts posted an edit, showing Tom Cruise in full armor. It does look very convincing.

The above fanart does make it easier to picture Tom Cruise as Robert Downey Jr.’s replacement. For those who don’t know, Tony Stark died at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Sorry for the spoilers to the people who haven’t seen it. It’s been out for nearly three years and if you’ve avoided spoilers up until this paragraph, well, sorry. Anyway, Robert Downey Jr. effectively gave up the Iron Man armor after playing the character for a decade. That’s a long stretch to focus on just being one person. Now, everyone is wondering who, if anyone, is going to replace him. If the rumors are true, the above artwork from Rahalarts is fantastically convincing. Tom Cruise does have the “look.” I would say Cruise looks more like the Doctor Strange type, but comic adaptations are left up to creativity and interpretation anyway.

Now that the MCU has transitioned into the full-blown multiverse, anything can happen, even hilarious takes on characters. Spider-Man into the Spiderverse handled that aspect well with Peter Porker aka Spider-Ham. But all hilarity aside, there hasn’t been a mention or appearance of a new Iron Man at all. Now that reality has seemingly been fractured by all parties, what is stopping Marvel from bringing in Tom Cruise as a new Tony Stark? Even if that version of Stark is someone who doesn’t stick around, it would be some deep fan service to allow another version of the ritual Avengers hero to get some much-needed screen time. Everyone can take the above Instagram pic as a mere case of fan art, but Tom Cruise is no stranger to action films, and he might be a good replacement for RDJ. That is to say, should he want to make the jump into the MCU.

Tom Cruise is currently busy enough with his return as Maverick for Top Gun: Maverick, plus continuing his long-standing portrayal of Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible franchise. He might not have enough time to throw in a 10-year dedication to playing Tony Stark, but appearing for a brief moment in a film would be amazing. At the very least, fans could get a good chuckle out of seeing someone else in the Iron Man armor. Stranger things have happened, and the MCU isn’t above playing tricks on fans. Look at what they did to The Mandarin.