Tom Cruise’s Next Movie Will Film In A Studio Built In Space

By Nathan Kamal | 4 months ago

tom cruise

The set for an upcoming Tom Cruise movie is going to be built in space. At least, that is the plan. Space Entertainment Enterprise is partnering with Cruise and a high-tech construction agency named Axiom Space to build a studio in orbit. This will allow films and TV shows to be produced in zero gravity, without using bothersome CGI or effects. The proposed Space Entertainment Enterprise-1 (or SEE-1) would be initially attached to the International Space Station. It would eventually detach and be an independent orbiting structure. This would potentially make it the very first commercial space station, and fulfill Tom Cruise’s long-standing desire to terrify his insurers. 

Over the course of his long career, Tom Cruise has grown increasingly fond of performing stunts. It has become a hallmark of the long-running Mission: Impossible series to showcase Cruise’s IMF Agent Ethan Hunt in dangerous situations. So far this has involved him chasing Henry Cavill, Superman himself, in a real helicopter, holding his breath underwater for nearly seven minutes, and perhaps most famously, scaling and running down the side of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. For several years now, Cruise and his frequent collaborator, director Doug Liman, have been planning to be the first people to film in actual space. And while the Fast and Furious franchise might have jumped the shark by sending Ludacris and Tyrese into orbit, that wasn’t real. Probably. 

For the next several years, Tom Cruise is committed to making yet more Mission: Impossible films. He is also set to star in the long-awaited, long-delayed sequel Top Gun 2: Maverick, as seen here. A lot could be written about Cruise’s fascination with flirting with death via stunt work. It is certainly remarkable that one of the biggest box office draws of the last 30 years is still committed to the craft of action films.

tom cruise

Tom Cruise films have grossed over $10 billion worldwide, and he still has not even appeared in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Of course, there are widespread rumors that may soon change. There have been reports that Cruise may pop up as an alternate Iron Man in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It might seem more likely if there was some way he could actually almost die while filming it.  

Given that Tom Cruise has spent the last decade making almost exclusively action films, it is easy to forget that he once was as adventurous in his roles as his stunts. Cruise first exploded to fame in a series of films that can be best described as “hot shot learns lesson, continues to be hot shot” like Top Gun, Days of Thunder, and Cocktail. But he also worked with some of the most acclaimed filmmakers of the 20th century, including Francis Ford Coppola (The Outsiders), Martin Scorsese (The Color of Money), Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire), and Stanley Kubrick (Eyes Wide Shut). He has made movies in pretty much every genre from legal drama to psychosexual fantasy to regular fantasy to comedies. And now, if all goes well, he’s going to make one in space.