Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible 7 Shuts Down Production

By Apeksha Bagchi | 2 weeks ago

tom cruise

Just a few months ago, Tom Cruise made headlines after an audio leaked of him yelling at members of his crew for Mission Impossible 7 for not diligently following the necessary COVID-19 guidelines and putting the shooting of the film in jeopardy once again. But turns out, one can’t be vigilant at all times as recently more than one member of the production team has tested positive for coronavirus, thus shutting down the filming for the umpteenth time. 

The filming of Mission Impossible 7, which had been ongoing in the United Kingdom, has been shut down for 14 days after the COVID test results came up during routine testing. In its statement, the studio has confirmed that the production of Mission Impossible 7 has only been temporarily halted for a period of two weeks during which all safety protocols will be observed and the situation will be constantly monitored. As reported by The Sun, Tom Cruise and the rest of the crew is currently in self-isolation. 

As mentioned above, this is not the first time that filming of the seventh film in the popular espionage franchise starring Tom Cruise has been halted due to the pandemic. The film experienced its first hindrance in March 2020 when productions across the globe were suspended in light of the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic. Three weeks later, stunt rehearsals began in England before a break following which filming resumed in September. But soon, 12 people on the production tested positive for the virus and the filming had to be halted. 

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Filming soon kicked off again and in December 2020, while the shooting was ongoing in London, an audio of Tom Cruise went viral where he could be heard shouting at crew members for flouting COVID safety rules by reportedly standing too close to each other and threatening to fire them if they compromised the ongoing filming with their carelessness again. 

Tom Cruise recently defended his actions in a chat with Empire Magazine, where he stood by his actions and clarified that contrary to reports that say he screamed in front of the entire crew, he only berated the few people who violated the safety protocols. He added that he has no regrets about the incident as at that point there was “a lot at stake” and he didn’t want a third COVID-19 hiatus to derail the film, especially when there was a surge in the positive cases in England at the time. He reasoned that because he reprimanded the crew, the filming of Mission Impossible 7 hadn’t experienced any further delays in its production due to the pandemic. Looks like the Top Gun star spoke too soon. 

While filming of Mission Impossible 7 has been halted (which may or may not impact its current release date of May 27, 2022), Tom Cruise has another highly-anticipated film all ready to be released later this year. Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to his 1986 blockbuster Top Gun is set to debut in theatres across the U.S. and Canada on November 19, 2021.