See Tom Cruise On The Run In First Mission Impossible 7 Image

By Drew Dietsch | 4 months ago

tom cruise mission impossible

Tom Cruise will be returning to the big screen as Ethan Hunt for the seventh time in Mission: Impossible 7. The franchise has proven to be one of the most bankable film series in recent history, and the appeal of their wild stunts and over-the-top action plots continues to draw a ton of attention from audiences all around the globe. There have definitely been some issues with the filming of this newest installment, but it looks like things are back on track as writer/director Christopher McQuarrie has taken to social media to give fans the first real look at this newest entry in the quarter-of-a-century-old film series.

Check out Tom Cruise doing what Ethan Hunt is best known for in these movies in this first official look at Mission: Impossible 7. That’s right, he is giving us another patented Ethan Hunt run:

Pretty difficult to see exactly what all is going on here with Tom Cruise as he runs down some dark and foggy alleyway. But, hey, if you had any doubts that Mission: Impossible 7 was actually filming or that Ethan Hunt would not be running in it, consider your fears squashed! This photo pretty definitively states that those things are happening. Rest easy!

All joking aside, not everything has been great for Tom Cruise and the filmmakers behind Mission: Impossible 7. Originally, the eighth installment in the series was scheduled to film along with the seventh. But, due to all the delays and complications that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like that decision has been put on hold and the eighth film is currently being rescheduled as far as shooting goes. This leaves us wondering if the seventh and eighth films are going to directly link up in some crucial ways. Could Mission: Impossible 7 end things on a cliffhanger? If that ends up being the case, we certainly hope they get to make Mission: Impossible 8 and not leave fans with an incomplete story.

There is also the question of how much longer Tom Cruise will even be doing these movies. Mission: Impossible 7 will see the lead actor doing his trademark running at the age of 59. Yes, the Hollywood hunk will be turning sixty in 2022. Considering that Cruise is adamant about doing some of the most frightening and dangerous stunts himself, there is likely a limit approaching in regards to what he will physically be able to do as well as what the studio is willing to insure him to do. The clock is ticking on how much longer the actor can actually perform under these kinds of extreme conditions. How many more Mission: Impossible movies can we expect? And do audiences really want to see a 60+-year-old man running around as a suave and super-strong secret agent?

tom cruise

Honestly, maybe they do! The series does not show any real significant signs of diminishing returns from both domestic and international audiences. And Tom Cruise still remains one of the few bankable movie stars in Hollywood today. His star power is great enough that he can even weather a flop like 2017’s The Mummy. And it has become apparent that audiences are still on board whenever the actor decides to play Ethan Hunt. As of now, the franchise has racked up over $3.5 billion. Until the studio starts seeing a significant decline in those box office returns, it is likely that we will see Tom Cruise running on the big screen until he can’t run anymore.

Hopefully, Mission: Impossible 7 is going to be as enjoyable and thrilling as the last few entries in the series. The previous three films have really taken off for critics and audiences, and if Tom Cruise can bring that same kind of intensity and excitement to this newest entry, we will be eagerly awaiting the eighth installment as well. And if Cruise wants to keep barreling across the silver screen even as they have to dye his hair to keep it from appearing silver, then we won’t try and stop him. As of now, Mission: Impossible 7 is scheduled to release in theaters on November 19. Unless we see some more delays due to the pandemic, that is when you can expect to see Ethan Hunt sprinting across your screen next.