A Charmingly Funny Tom Cruise Blockbuster Is Now On Netflix

One of Tom Cruise's most charming movies, Jerry Maguire, is now available on Netflix.

By Sean Thiessen | Published

tom cruise top gun: maverick

In December of 1996, the world was introduced to morally reformed sports agent Jerry Maguire, and he had audiences at “Hello.” Cameron Crowe’s sports dramedy Jerry Maguire stars Tom Cruise in the title role, backed by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renee Zellweger delivering her breakout performance. The film, which earned Tom Cruise an Academy Award nomination and a win at the Golden Globes, is now streaming on Netflix.

Tom Cruise is best known these days for stunt-filled action flicks like Top Gun: Maverick and the Mission: Impossible franchise, but Jerry Maguire represents one of the best of the ultimate movie star’s many outings in more grounded films. The story follows Jerry, a sports agent who experiences an epiphany of ethics that sends him on a trying journey to do business in a more caring, honest way. As he attempts this upheaval of his life, Jerry must navigate the pitfalls of life, love, and the greedy, cut-throat industry in which he makes his living.

Jerry Maguire was the third feature film from writer/director Cameron Crowe, the filmmaker behind the 1989 John Cusack hit Say Anything. Along with Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Renee Zellweger, Crowe brought forth some of the most iconic and quotable moments in film history with Jerry Maguire. Lines like, “Show me the money!” and “You complete me,” are still referenced today, and helped earn Crowe an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay.

The film grossed over $273 million at the box office to make it the ninth top-grossing film of 1996. That same year, Tom Cruise also starred in Mission: Impossible, which took the number three spot with $457 million. Crowe followed Jerry Maguire with the Oscar-winning classic Almost Famous in 2000 and then reunited with Tom Cruise for 2001’s Vanilla Sky.

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Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire

Before he ever approached Tom Cruise for the role, Cameron Crowe had Tom Hanks in mind to play Jerry Maguire. However, after years of working on the screenplay, Hanks had aged out of the part when the film was ready to be made. Woody Harrelson was next on the list, but after he declined the part, Tom Cruise landed the role and made Jerry Maguire one of his most iconic characters.

Since Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise has continued to be a hit machine, largely thanks to the Mission: Impossible films. In July 2023, the franchise’s seventh installment, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part One will blast onto the silver screen. Along with Dead Reckoning – Part Two, Cruise is also expected to appear in a sequel to the 2014 sci-fi blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow and, since Mission: Impossible stunts aren’t enough, in a project rumored to be the first movie actually shot in space.

After 25 years, the legacy of Jerry Maguire continues, and thanks to its appearance on Netflix, it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. With a heartwarming story of redemption and lines you can quote ‘til the cows come home, Jerry Maguire is a bonafide classic from a bonafide movie star. In between watching Tom Cruise’s death-defying efforts in action extravaganzas, help him help you by watching Jerry Maguire.