See Tina Turner Created By David Bowie Thanks To Pepsi

David Bowie creates Tina Turner in a lab in this classic Pepsi commercial.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Yesterday, news broke that the world had lost another great star, as it was reported that music sensation, Tina Turner, had passed away. With celebrities like Angela Bassett and Rosario Dawson coming forward to share their condolences and keep her memory alive, fans are also sharing their favorite moments of the legendary singer’s life. On Twitter, one user shared a fever dream memory from the ‘80s in which David Bowie brings his fellow icon to life after spilling Pepsi on a computer.

Proving that they just don’t make ads like they used to, the clip sees papers flying out of a printer with the “Ziggy Stardust” singer maniacally running around his lab. While we see that he’s hoping to create the dazzling Tina Turner, it’s clear that David Bowie just needs a break from his project. Sitting down to have a nice ice-cold sip of Pepsi, things quickly go awry as the delicious cola spills onto his computer.

In a panic, the glam rocker jumps out of his seat to scramble to fix the problem – but it’s too late! Explosions nearly blow his jacket off his body and standing in front of him is none other than Tina Turner. Stepping out of her box, Turner takes David Bowie’s hand, and the two share a quick spin before the scene cuts and we next see them running towards a Pepsi diner.

Some truly incredible moments see Turner dancing her fingers across a Pepsi vending machine with the iconic duo eventually taking up in each other’s arms and electrifying the dance floor before the Pepsi sign inexplicably explodes with sparks raining down on them. 

Long before Kendal Jenner brought the world together with her Pepsi commercial, the ‘80s were chocked full of stars, with Tina Turner and David Bowie being just two names on a long list that also included the likes of Michael Jackson, Michael J. Fox, and Madonna with even TV shows like Miami Vice getting in on the cold refreshing bubbles. Yes, it’s easy to say that anyone who was anyone has had their name aligned with the Coca-Cola rival in one way or another.

Outside of their relationship on the sound stage for the out-of-this-world Pepsi commercial, Tina Turner and David Bowie shared a deep and connected relationship throughout both of their lives. As per the New York Post, Turner credited Bowie for aiding her in helping her through the darkest chapter of her life. 

Many know that Tina Turner had a tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband, Ike Turner. Controlling and abusive, Ike’s hold on Tina was strong, and when she was finally able to break free from him in 1976, she was dropped from Capitol Records. Turning to her longtime friend for assistance and a shoulder to cry on, Tina Turner leaned on David Bowie who, in turn, helped her get back on her feet and find a new deal, bringing her back into the industry for her triumphant return. 

Outside of the music industry, both Tina Turner and David Bowie also had roles in the most classic movies of the time. For Tina Turner, she starred opposite Mel Gibson in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome as well as alongside action king Arnold Schwarzenegger in Last Action Hero. Meanwhile, Bowie appeared in hits including The Man Who Fell to Earth, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and, of course, Labyrinth. We’re sending our deepest condolences to Tina Turner’s loved ones at this time.