TIE Fighter Battles In The Mandalorian Chapter 12, A Closer Look

It's the first time we've gotten to really see classic TIE Fighters in heavy dog fighting action since the original trilogy, and they've never looked better.

By Josh Tyler | Updated

TIE fighter

The Mandalorian Chapter 12 may have been one of the show’s best yet. Credit for that has to go, at least in part, to Carl Weathers who not only co-starred in the episode (returning as Greef Karga) but directed it as well. Weathers keen eye for action totally delivered, in particular in the episodes numerous TIE Fighter heavy action scenes.

It’s the first time we’ve gotten to really see classic TIE Fighters in heavy dog fighting action since the original trilogy, and they’ve never looked better. Also, they still suck and are easy to blow up. Star Wars fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s a closer look at the first TIE Fighter battle in The Mandalorian Chapter 12, when they took on Cara Dune (Gina Carano), Greef Karga, and Mythrol (Horatio Sans) as they attempted to escape in their mint condition Truckster Marauder.

TIE Fighters VS A Mint Condition Truckster Marauder

The TIEs were coming out the winner on this one, which you’d expect when they are attacking a ground-based vehicle and have an advantage of four to one. Things went less well for the TIE fighters, however, when Mando appeared in his newly repaired and refurbished Razorcrest.

TIE Fighters Versus The Razorcrest

Baby Yoda was all of us during that scene, enjoying a good old fashioned dog fight as much as we were…

Baby Yoda

Or at least he was all of us, until he threw up. It was a pretty wild ride.

The type of TIE fighter you saw in The Mandalorian Chapter 12 is actually a specific variant called the Outland TIE fighter. The Outland TIE differs from the TIE fighters you saw Luke battling in his attack on the Death Star primarily in the way their solar panel wings fold up to allow for easy landing.

With The Mandalorian slated to get involved with some Jedi next week, we’re likely to see more of the show’s special effects focused on lightsabers and less on starships. But expect The Mandalorian season 2 to keep on delivering amazing ship on ship action. This isn’t the last we’ll see of the Empire’s TIE Fighters.

This is the way.

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