Thor: Love And Thunder Star Didn’t Tell Parents They Were In It

Imagine being cast in an MCU movie, that would be huge. Well, a star from Thor: Love and Thunder decided not to tell their parents about their big debut.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

thor: love and thunder

Imagine starring in one of the biggest films of the year. Now imagine starring in one of the biggest films of the year and not telling your parents before sending them to go see the movie. That’s exactly what Brett Goldstein has done, as Variety reports that the Thor: Love And Thunder star didn’t tell his parents he was in the film, before sending them to find out for themselves. 

This article contains spoilers regarding Thor: Love and Thunder, you have been warned! 

The end credits of Marvel’s latest cinema offering Thor: Love and Thunder, confirmed GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’S suspicions that Brett Goldstein was in fact cast as the MCU’s Hercules. In the scene, Zeus (portrayed gleefully by Russell Crowe), previously thought to have been struck down by Thor earlier in the film, charges his son Hercules with destroying the God of Thunder, with the camera panning across to reveal Goldstein as the famous character. Given the level of secrecy that surrounds MCU films, in particular the end-credits sequences, Goldstein decided to withhold his casting from his parents, instead recommending they see the film. Speaking to Variety, Goldstein revealed his mother was texting him throughout her viewing of the movie, almost missing Goldstein’s MCU introduction: “it gets to the end bit, where it shows Russell Crowe… My mom texts me ‘Russell Crowe’s in it again, he’s very funny.’ I go, ‘F****ng look up at the screen!’”

Brett Goldstein – who has shot to fame courtesy of his Emmy Award-winning performance as Roy Kent in Apple TVs Ted Lasso – joins a list of high-profile stars making their way to the MCU. His Thor: Love and Thunder cameo follows Charlize Theron’s appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Harry Styles’ surprise cameo as Thanos’ brother Starfox in Eternals. However, beyond his brief cameo, Goldstein is unsure whether he is set to continue in the MCU going forward, saying; “All I know is what I did that day and that’s it. That could be it. It was a fun three seconds.” This could be Goldstein deliberately being tight-lipped to keep the all-important Marvel secrecy going. However, if Hercules were to not turn up again, it wouldn’t be the first time a set-up in a Marvel credits scene wasn’t to see a suitable conclusion.

In Doctor Strange, Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Mordo can be seen in the end-credits scene slaying a fellow sorcerer and thusly making a vow to subsequently end all sorcerers henceforth. However, when we see his character again in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it is an alternate universe version of Mordo and fans are yet to see the original iteration of the character make good on his violent promise. So perhaps Goldstein’s Thor: Love and Thunder appearance is a similar red herring? 

Despite Brett Goldstein’s exciting appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder, the film is receiving a somewhat mixed reception as of late. There is no question it is one of the biggest films of the year, sitting sixth in the year’s domestic box office standings and with a healthy gross worldwide that is just shy of half a billion dollars. However, the film did receive a nasty box office return drop-off of 80% between its Friday, July 8th opening and July 15th. As well as this, critics are undecided whether the film is a match to its predecessor Thor: Ragnarok. Thor: Love and Thunder currently sits at 68% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, regardless of the divisive reception Thor: Love and Thunder has received, the MCU train will roll on, with or without Brett Goldstein.